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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

Relating to the Broadway Musical

  • Elder Cunningham in "Man Up." He takes over the hero role of the show, kills a monster, and defeats Darth Vader while proclaiming that he's not his father. And the song is really catchy.
  • Elder Price near the end just blatantly saying, "You know what, guys? Fuck him." "Him" in this case refers to the Mission President, who just declared Kampala Mission's District 9 disbanded in failure and disgrace thanks to Elder Cunningham's embarrassing cavalcade of Ass Pulls.
    • This is especially striking, as it's often made painstakingly clear in the show that the Mormons avoid cursing like the plague, in contrast to the villagers. In many productions, Elder Price follows up this cuss with a little victory dance, indicating he'd been holding that one in for a while.
  • The fact Matt & Trey can now be referred to as "Tony Award-winning playwrights Trey Parker & Matt Stone"
    • Matt and Trey are an Oscar away from having the coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) quad-fecta because of The Book of Mormon.note 
  • The moment the villagers reveal they've always known Elder Cunningham's stories weren't real is a threefold moment of Awesome/Funny/Heartwarming. Funny because of their assertion that "Sal Tlay Ka Siti isn't an actual place." Awesome because the villagers aren't naive Funny Foreigner types being taken advantage of. They understand parables, metaphors, and the purpose of religion to instruct/inspire better than a lot of fundamentalists. Heartwarming because this instantly helps to restore Nabulungi's dying faith.
  • Elder Price singing "I Believe," a beautiful anthem about his faith. The lyrics clearly do poke fun at the absurd beliefs of Mormonism, but it's composed in such an uplifting manner that, religious or not, you feel for him.
    • And then Elder Price barges straight into the general's camp and manages to avoid getting shot to death through sheer, WTF audacity. The guards are so thoroughly confused by Price's display of blind courage and stupidity that they actually lower their weapons and do nothing when Price takes the General by the hand and awkwardly forces him to join in the choreography.
      I know that I must go and do the things my God commands!
      I realize now why He's sent me here!
      If you ask the Lord in faith, He will always answer you!
      Just believe in Him, and HAVE NO FEAR!
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  • The climax is pretty awesome, too, in addition to hilarious. The villagers stand up to the General after being inspired by Elder Cunningham's so-called Mormon stories, only for Cunningham and Price to show up, claiming the former is undead, and they browbeat him out of the village through a speech that is so ridiculous it has to qualify as awesome: a cavalcade of sci-fi references mixed with the scriptural that ends with Cunningham threatening to turn General Butt-Fucking Naked into a lesbian.
    General Butt-Fucking Naked: Who has risen from the dead?
    Price: HE HAS, you IDIOT! So you might as well just PUT THAT GUN DOWN BECAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK AGAINST THE UNDEAD! And if you do not get OUT of this village right now, he is gonna command The Angel Moroni on the Death Star to unleash the Kraken! Which will then… Which will then…
    Cunningham: Which will then—launch Joseph Smith torpedoes FROM its mouth of Christ and turn you into a LESBIAN! [the General runs off]
  • The whole "Joseph Smith, American Moses" scene. It's a cuss-filled, historically inaccurate version of the Mormon doctrine, complete with Moroni coming from the Starship Enterprise and Joseph Smith dying of dysentery. And it is glorious.
    • Better yet, it's the moment Elder Price finally realizes what Elder Cunningham has done: he has created a new religion, and it works.

Relating to the book

  • When Ammon decides to preach the gospel to the Lamanites, he goes to a Lamanite king, Lamoni, and asks for work. Lamoni puts him out tending sheep. Bandits scatter the sheep, and the rest of the shepherds panic, thinking that they're going to be executed. Ammon just goes to retrieve the sheep. Bandits come again the next day, he cuts off their arms. The other shepherds bring the arms to the king, and Lamoni asks where he is. Turns out, he's still in the field tending the sheep as though nothing unusual has happened.
  • Helaman's 2,000 stripling warriors. They're a bunch of young men who answered the call to battle when the previous generation couldn't (they made a promise not to shed any more blood). So, when they actually get into battle, what happens? They defeat the enemy, and not a single one is killed.
  • When Samuel the Lamanite is standing on a wall, prophesying about the coming birth of the Savior and calling out the Nephites on their behavior, some of them decide they don't want to take his words and shoot arrows or throw rocks at him. None of them are able to hit him.
  • When Nephi is called on to recover the Brass Plates, he sneaks into the city and finds Laban (the current holder of the plates) passed out drunk. He then proceeds to chop off Laban's head, steal his clothing, and gets the man's servant, Zoram, to not only bring him the plates, but carry them to the edge of town in order to meet his brothers. After his identity is revealed, he persuades Zoram to skip town and join them in their quest. Zoram and his descendants later become loyal followers of Nephi and his descendants.
  • With the war effort struggling to hold back the Lamanite invaders, with supplies and reinforcements not arriving, Captain Moroni finally learns that the source of the trouble is an uprising in the capital. Rather than take his armies away from the front lines, though, he simply brings a handful of men and a flag. They march through the land and call for volunteers to fight for liberty. Thousands of people answer the call and come together into an army that routs the usurpers and restores order.

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