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Awesome / The Best Years of Our Lives

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  • Released just after WWII, it chronicles the difficulties of three returning veterans adjusting to home life. Frederic March's character returns to his position as a bank loan officer, and is frustrated at the bank's foot-dragging at giving other vets a chance with loans. He's got a tendency to drink to excess, and at a bank function he has to give a speech. He's had more than a few, and looks like he's going to totally blow it, but he rallies and makes an impassioned case for investing in the men who gave so much for their country. His speech is received enthusiastically, but it's up in the air whether the higher-ups will actually change their ways.
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  • Fred sacrificing his job to throw a Nazi sympathizer out of the cafe.
  • Homer writes a check. Given that this involves him removing his checkbook from his pocket, getting a pen, opening the checkbook and writing it, all with the claws of his artificial arms, it's enough to shame Al into granting another veteran with questionable finances a loan.


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