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Sometimes, they do pull off cool things.

  • The biggest was probably getting the experiment started in the first place. While it can't allow just anyone to annotate anymore, and getting in isn't really that rigorous to begin with. It is still pretty awesome that after a pause from December 10th 2010 to Feburary 24th 2011, a number of the regulars joined together and for over a year have kept annotating and the nakama keeps growing in numbers.
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  • Raiden: "Get to your jets it's time to blow this point" from episode 7 of Mortal Kombat.
  • The opening for the third season of Captain N: The Game Master got its own video. It features The Unbreakable Annotation winning against Kevin's Zapper.
  • MidnightMidna calls out The Nutshack for the piece of crap it is in the comments second. Someone notices his handywork and thus instantly gets invited to join despite having zero interest in joining or posting jokes to add.
  • Annotated Tribute is awesome.
  • Annotator's Delight. Aside from featuring some of the catchiest tunes featured in the Series, it's also a great display of some of the lines that got turned into running gags.
  • Just a few weeks after they were forced into a channel move by some copyright-trolling jerkass the Annotators responded by breaking copyright rules even more flagrantly by riffing a Youtube copyright explanation video just to give Youtube the middle finger.
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  • The five year anniversary special, called Five Years, gives new and old annotators a chance to riff on the channel's entire video history.


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