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  • Homecoming weekend. Jason scoring his first touchdown, then having his first kiss with Jac immediately after the game. Jason and Adam both having an Awesome Moment of Crowning when they won their respective awards. Bully managing to get the entire gym completely wasted all at once. Even Darian managed to get hurt in the most epic way he possibly could have done so.
  • Fight Club, pre-Badass Decay. Special mention has to go out to Rockie's "Basic Bitch hunt", and Jason's brutal knockouts of Big and Bigger Tom.
  • Punchdrunk. Every round of it, and the way it escalated to the point of Jason climbing through Bully's fire escape just to punch him at one point.
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  • The Vice Presidential Campaign between Bully and Jerry. All of it, culminating in a massive brawl. From Travis's campaigning to Jerry and Bully's first brawl.
  • Travis dumping Jules, while needlessly cruel, was still just over-the-top enough to qualify. Any time a person writes a "Dear John" Letter with a skywriter just to let the entire county know that person's been ditched, it literally can't be ignored.
  • Rissa's birthday party was made of awesome. Between the Greek Chorus of clowns, Bully launching through a clown car window to save his friends and the ensuing brawl, the entire night was one long one.
    • The brawl in itself also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when you consider that Bully is terrified of clowns, but jumped into the car anyway to save his friends. Or that Jason only went in after Rissa in the first place because he was worried about her, and proceeded to beat one of them into a bloody pulp for putting Xavier in harm's way.
  • New Years, and the massive paint balloon fight.
  • Bully attacking Travis with a steel chair during a wrestling meet, complete with entrance music and a fleshed-out pro wrestler's gimmick.
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  • Lanie blackmailing his abusive step-father, Jamison, into leaving the country for good and ultimately becoming an emancipated minor.

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