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Awesome / The Age of Misrule

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  • Everyone gets one, in one way or another. Yes, even Hal. Especially him.
  • In the first book, one character has to fight off a Celtic god, despite being A) not entirely in command of his magic powers and B) cursed with death by occult pneumonia. OK, he dies, but he already knew that would happen. And then, he gets to come back.
    • The second series gets more of these ('cos it's set After the End, where there are more opportunities for badassitude). One character gets the power of the Morrigan (Celtic patron goddess of Proud Warrior Race Guys and badasses, and proceeds to use them to single-handedly kill a hundred-strong neo-feudal/organized crime syndicate in Birmingham (including the fracking psychopathic demon they had in the basement).
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    • And then, when this character tries to use these powers to dismember the woman who stole her boyfriend, the hero, a guy called Mallory, shows up, and fights her to a standstill.

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