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Awesome / The Adventures of Tintin

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  • Snowy manages to follow the truck where the bad guys are taking Tintin, just by jumping on two vehicles. ONE IS A TRUCK.
  • Thompson and Thomson proving their competence by yanking Tintin and Snowy out of the way of an oncoming car.
  • Tintin manages to escape the place he is trapped in the Karaboudjan thanks to Snowy, and proceeds to use a rope, a pair of wood tables and several boxes of champagne bottles to get out of the hold he is in.
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  • Tintin managing to steal the keys from one of the sailors as the sailors start to pile up due to both the ship moving and Tintin and Snowy hitting the bunks.
  • The shoot-out at the Karaboudjan, with Tintin avoiding all the sailors while Haddock manages to knock out a couple of sailors and lowers two boats — which helps Tintin, Haddock and Snowy when the ship sailors make a mistake and think the empty one is where they are.
  • Haddock willingly obliging to the random Mook who was sleeping in the lifeboat they were going to use to escape (and he's holding Haddock at gunpoint, no less!) to raise his hands. He does so... only to send the mook plummeting. Last we see of him is when he's dangling by the rope that was supporting the lifeboat.
    Haddock: An' let tha' be a lesson to ye!
  • Also from Haddock: "Tub...? TUB?!"
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  • The hydroplane flight. Special bonus for Haddock vanquishing his fears and using his breath to provide enough alcohol for the plane to reach land.
  • The ship-to-ship fight between the Unicorn and Red Rackham's ship. Francis de Hadoque's efforts really did a great part in keeping back the pirates, and later when he manages to blow up the ship as he fights against Red Rackham.
    • Also counts as Visual Effects of Awesome - we're first introducted to the Unicorn via a hallucination by Captain Haddock in the Sahara, as we see it sailing over a sand dune, bringing storm weather and the ocean with it.
  • The sidecar persecution, with Tintin, Haddock and Snowy fighting for the parchment pieces against Sakharine and his minions. It is a pity that they don't manage to keep the pieces in the end. Being done in motion capture certainly made it easier, but the fact remains that this is an extremely complicated car chase/parkour scene that is all done in one take. ONE TAKE.
  • Haddock managing to get Tintin to stop thinking negatively, telling him how his personal experiences shaped him. It also gives Tintin a Eureka Moment, which leads to them finding the Karaboudjan.
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  • The fight between Captain Haddock and Sakharine, as they attempt to finish what their ancestors Francis de Hadoque and Red Rackham started hundreds of years before, starting with the crane-to-crane fight, practically destroying both cranes, and then the sword fight. Tintin manages to save the parchments just in time, and Haddock ends up using the whiskey bottles he finds to knock Sakharine out and finally kicks off his alcoholism.
    Haddock: Thundering typhoons... nobody takes my ship.
    (next shot has Sakharine flying off the ship into the ocean, then Haddock kicks his last bottle of whiskey off the deck onto his head)
  • The opening to the chase in Dar Es Salaam has Haddock being surrounded by soldiers. Most people think that Tintin is going to save him somehow, but no. The good captain floors ALL of them by himself. Even with his bad luck and often poor judgement, the man is a badass.
  • Hergé's Creator Cameo at the beginning, in which the old and new faces of Tintin are revealed simultaneously.
  • This bit:
    Tintin: Bad news, Captain. We've only got one bullet.
    Captain Haddock: What's the good news?!
    Tintin: We've got one bullet.
    (proceeds to disable the sea plane strafing them with one shot)
    Captain Haddock: YOU GOT 'EM!!


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