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  • The full version of the flashback of Wolf attacking a mobster hangout, reveals that he was actually on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, because their boss tortured his mentor to death and Wolff was understandably pissed enough to go One-Man Army on them.
  • Wolff taking out two Mooks who were holding hostage a couple of farmers Christian helped out earlier.
  • One of Braxton's men actually puts up a decent fight against Wolff and leaves the latter winded for a moment.
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  • The final battle at Lamar's mansion, where Wolff takes out an entire army of mercenaries guarding Braxton and Lamar, and later Wolff and Braxton's fight, in which the two are revealed to be brothers. Also, Braxton makes a Heel–Face Turn and doesn't bother standing in Wolff's way when Wolff kills Lamar.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, near the end of the film we find out that Wolff donates most of his money to help autistic children. His sending the Jackson Pollock painting to Dana is another dual awesome/heartwarming moment, though a lot of people probably saw that one coming.
  • Dana fending off an assassin, even if only for a few minutes, thanks to quick thinking and using a stove grill and a toilet tank lid as improvised weapons.



  • The very premise of the film itself of an autistic Action Hero.
  • How the film handles its portrayal of autism. They not only got many of the little details right from Wolff's awkward social skills to his compulsive need to finish his work, they were also quite respectful of the disorder as well, of both its challenges and sometimes advantages. Some credit also has to go to Ben Affleck for his portrayal, which is very accurate and nuanced.
    • While the film's premise requires Wolff to be slightly stereotypical, it is impressive how well Affleck and the writers avoid having Wolff being over the top. He is bluntly honest, but not cruel. He can hold a conversation, even if it clearly makes him uncomfortable. While he has "little professor" type conversational ticks (statements he has clearly memorized and rehearsed beforehand like his explanation of autism) they aren't said robotically or rushed through like in most depictions.
  • You've probably never seen a film make accounting look this exciting, and not all of it is because of the action sequences.
  • Everything about the premise and title sounds like an episode of The Blacklist. Even the final scene, which shows Wolff driving off to the tune of "To Leave Something Behind", is like the ending of an episode of The Blacklist.


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