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  • Him punching out the Good Witch of the Woods in Suburban Knights.
  • His voice appeared in the SK trailer, and it also included a shot of him (albeit wearing a mask). And still not one person realized he was coming back.
  • Upon his return, Suede adjusted to the swap from grainy, poorly-lit 4:3 to bright, crisp HD 16:9 remarkably quickly for a guy who hadn't made videos for two and a half years. Not only that but his Double Vision effects are still remarkable for someone with his resources and, again, his relative rustiness.
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  • In his Pokemon 2000 review, he used a picture someone made on DeviantArt and unknowingly didn't give credit to the artist for it. Being the mature and reasonable man he is, in his Pokemon 3 review, he apologized for not giving credit and made sure that the artist got proper credit for the picture he used at the beginning of the review, in one of his inner monologues, and at the end. Normally people wouldn't do this, but Suede acknowledged his mistake and admitted it to public, possibly as a form of humility and as a way of accepting the fact that he made a mistake.
  • As shown in his Mewtwo Returns video, he (seemingly) has a full Living Pokedex. For those unaware, this means he has one of every single Pokemon, including evos and unevolved ones.

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