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  • The family's entire plan for getting all five of them to Terra Nova without getting caught. And once Jim gets caught by guards, he punches one of them and bolts right for the portal.
  • The entire Slasher sequence in the pilot.
  • The Carnotaur chase, showing us just how awesome Nate Taylor really is, by going one on one with a carnotaur as a distraction. And living.
    Taylor: A carnotaur. I hate carnotaurs.
    • Hell, the man survived 118 days alone with the dinosaurs, because of a screw-up with the time portal. No supplies but what he took on his person, and no hope that help would ever come. And he still held it together both physically and mentally, apparently just because any kind of life is better than death to him.
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  • Josh saving Zoe by kicking a pterosaur into a window hard enough to crack it.
  • Washington shooting an amnesiac Taylor to keep him from killing himself, which he later congratulates her for.
  • Washington, again. When ambushed, she beats the tar out of three Sixers before she is brought down. The scene where she is released establishes her as one of the most badass characters in the series.
  • For the Sixers, attacking the Terra Nova base when it's weakened. Sounds boring and predictable right? Except they did it with a spinosaurus.
  • In "Proof", Taylor goes one on one with a dinosaur. Again.
  • Admit it, Jim's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of "Proof" was pretty awesome.
  • Nate Taylor's exposition flashback in "Vs.", showing him refuse to let Terra Nova just be sucked dry of its resources by Planet Looters, then gun down his evil mentor and banish his son. May also be combined with Tear Jerker.
  • Taylor and Mira are forced into an Enemy Mine situation against two very territorial Slashers. What do they do? Light one on fire with an improvised spear, bow, and pitch coating for both.
    • Basically, they set one dinosaur on fire. Then get ready to fight the other one with a small knife and sharpened sticks.
  • Elizabeth using her wits to get her family out of Terra Nova.
  • Washington providing the distraction for the above, then taunting Lucas about how he has his mother's eyes moments before he puts a bullet in her.
  • Remember when the Sixers attacked Terra Nova with a spinosaurus? Well Jim does the same to the future, except with a carnotaur. If that wasn't good enough, he later after destroying the fracture runs away from said carnotaur WHILE everything is exploding behind him. He outran a fireball AND a dinosaur.
  • Josh beating the crap out of Lucas. Then Jim joins in the fun. Then Taylor gets a turn. Lucas gets a lot of comeuppance, to say the least.

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