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Awesome / Teri Gumball: In Between Worlds

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     Nighttime Attack 
  • Teri saving Gumball with her origami hawk just before he was crushed by Silver Twelve. They lure the monster into a trap using a cable tied to a tree, then when the monster dropped to one knee while he was distracted, Gumball runs up to Silver's neck and chops it off its head.

     Giants Of Old 
  • The fight with the Penta Clawer ends with Gumball distracting the monster while Teri hides in the trees riding the origami scorpion with Gumball's scythe as its stinger, then she mercilessly stabs Penta Clawer's eyes until it dies, which was all Gumball's plan.
    Gumball: You... should... keep... all... your... eyes open!

     Magic For Teri 
  • Rob first shows up by throwing Jamie out the window and into traffic.
  • Teri using the magic runes to destroy Toxic Pill's shields, thus giving Rob and Gumball the chance to deliver the final blow to the insect.

     Bridging The Gap 
  • The fight with the Concertin on the bridge.
  • Teri using a convincing lie to avoid suspicion from Carrie and Masami of where she and Gumball were.
  • Darwin calling Tobias out on his hypocrisy and cowardice. This gets Tobias to realize what he's done and apologize to Tina.

     Looking Glass 
  • Teri using her runes to turn Window Hopper's body to stone with only its head remaining, giving Gumball the chance to cut off the serpent's head.

     Fear Without Form Part One 
  • Gumball and Teri training together.

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