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When Christopher Nolan wants to have a plane crash in his movie, he buys a plane and crashes it.

  • The Protagonist saving the public of the Kiev opera from a terrorist attack and the police cover-up attempt by grabbing all the bombs and throwing them on the empty first floor's boxes, just in the nick of time.
  • The Protagonist beating down Sator's thugs in the restaurant kitchen.
  • The Protagonist and Neil need a distraction to break into the vaults of the freeport in Oslo. Enter Mahir, who hijacks a Boeing 747 on the nearby tarmac and crashes it into Freeport's hangar, unloading the plane's gold bullion shipment on the tarmac as he goes.
    • And it was done for real: the production really did buy an old 747 for the scene, because it was apparently cheaper than using scale models.
  • The entire car chase which features an inverted car flipping itself in reverse. Shown Once More, with Clarity! that it was the Protagonist was also inverted in the car.
  • The chaotic Final Battle where both normal time course and inverted soldiers are fighting. Some buildings collapse then reform themselves.
    • The tower that both red and blue teams fire rockets at at the same 5-minute point in their 10-minute timeframe. From one perspective, the building's intact top half rises into the air as its bottom half reassembles itself, and just as that happens, the top half blows up. This was filmed from two perspectives, both of them appearing in the scene. One wonders how Nolan and the people at Syncopy pulled that off.
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  • Kat killing Andrei purely to make sure his final moments aren’t happily thinking he won.
  • Neil going to his death with a smile.
  • The ending, thanks to this line alone.
    Protagonist: I realized I wasn't working for you; we've both been working for me. I'm the protagonist.
  • The Protagonist's fight with the inverted man in Oslo. The way they both have to adapt to the other being affected by a causality in a completely different way that results in seemingly impossible moves. Doubly so when it is revealed that the Protagonist was fighting himself and we get to see the fight again from his new, inverted, perspective. Even more impressive when you learn that John David Washington did his stunt himself and that the movie used no CGI effects. It even took two months for them to practice. This must have been hell to choreograph.


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