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Awesome / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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Awesome Moments

  • This is Bebop and Rocksteady's debut in a live action Ninja Turtles movie, and their aircraft battle has to be the most awesome scene in the movie - or any Bay movie so far. It's like Bay, the Producer, said, "Okay, we need a tank battle... or maybe a plane battle... I just can't decide..." and Dave Green, Director, winked at his pals and said "Why not both at once?"
    • Driving a tank through virgin rainforest to the song "War" by Edwin Starr. And then Bebop and Rocksteady pop up from the tank and they are singing to it. Awesome 70s music, people!
      • Firing a tank's machine gun while on an aircraft? Cool, but Stupid. And Bay realised he had characters who would legitimately, canonically be stupid enough to do that. And that's so cool.
    • Firing a tank's cannon while everybody is being washed down Amazonian rapids towards a waterfall? That's right, Bebop and Rocksteady are the characters Bay must have always dreamed of, so Cool, but Stupid that the fans completely accept them pulling off this sort of stupid, insane, awesome thing.
      • As humans they assist in helping the Shredder escape by distracting the convoy guards, then manage to escape themselves, making them more than mindless drones.
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    • It's awesome how everybody remembers that they were ultimately huge buddies in the series, and very close. They never turn on each other.
  • The cosplay costume of Bumbleebee worn by a random guy on the street. He's even the Bayformers version of Bumblebee!
  • April stalking and transforming her outfit midwalk as she chases the man carrying away Baxter's microterminal.
  • Casey's first fight against the Foot, he starts by knocking every single one (including where missing by just a few inch will hit April in the face) with pucks hit in mid-air with a hockey stick.
  • The first movie followed the Hollywood trend of removing the sillier elements of the source material in an attempt to make it more realistic. This movie has apparently decided to embrace it by including Bebop and Rocksteady, complete with custom motorcycles; a garbage truck that shoots manhole covers; and even Casey Jones' trademark roller blades.
    • And it's still less insane than the 80s show...
  • The entire prison convoy chase.
  • April managing to steal the Ooze from Shredder and Stockman, locking them into the lab as she leaves.
  • Casey rescuing April from a squad of Foot Clan agents.
  • Raphael and Michelangelo masterminding a break-in to Police HQ by themselves. It was successful, too, until the Foot showed up.
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  • The Turtles sans Raph, managing to jump onto Bebop and Rocksteady's plane from another plane without parachutes.
  • The final battle, involving the Turtles vs. Krang, Casey Jones vs. Bebop and Rocksteady, and April and Vern vs. Karai.
  • Casey investigates Bebop and Rocksteady's favourite bar and starts questioning the bartender. The bartender denies that the two have been there and refuses to give Casey information. Casey's response? He smashes the jukebox, throws the Vanilla Ice CD that was playing, and starts throwing mugs at the beer bottles on display. The bartender quickly changes his mind and starts talking.
  • Casey again. He actually volunteers to hold off Bebop and Rocksteady alone in the climax, and actually does beat them.
    • He even gets run over by one of their bikes but it barely slows him down.
  • Raphael front-flip diving into the way of Bebop and Rocksteady's tank to save his brother Donnie from the oncoming blast, all while screaming his brother's name. And the whole action sequence in slow-motion no less!

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