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French Films:

  • The parade of two-wheelers at the beginning of the first film, to honor Daniel upon his departure from the pizza delivery business. It includes a trial biker escalating harbor containers, another biker sliding behind his bike while it's running (producing sparkles doing so) and a pizza delivery boy backflipping his scooter and honking in mid-air.
  • Daniel brilliantly outsmarting the Mercedes gang at the end of the first film. First, he provokes them into a race in the streets of Marseille with his Peugeot 406. Then he lures them onto the freeway. He then speeds towards a bridge which is under construction, and slams on the brake at the last moment. The two Mercedes jump over the gap and land on the other side... only for them to discover that they've been trapped on an incomplete bridge segment, with no way to escape.
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  • In the climax of Taxi 2, Daniel's Peugeot 406 is transported in Paris by a military plane then air-dropped over the city to gain time.
  • Sylvester Stallone himself makes a cameo in the opening sequence of Taxi 3. And he's the first of Daniel's customers to not throw up after a high speed ride.

American TV Series:

  • "Can I say just one word in my defense? SELTZER!"
  • Bobby's encounter with a stick-up man in "Memories of Cab 804." The way he gets the better of the guy is a very impressive showing for someone who's usually The Ditz.
    • From the same episode, Louie taking a juvenile delinquent for all his money after being conned by him twice.
    • Alex's story manages to top them all, helping a pregnant woman give birth when 804 gets stuck in traffic. This convinces Louie that Alex deserves the first ride in 804 once it's repaired.
  • In "Bobby's Big Break", Alex ripping Louie's cage out of the wall after Louie refuses to go easy on Bobby after he's forced to come back.
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  • In "High School Reunion", Bobby does a full-on impersonation of Louie. The way in which he copies his mannerisms is something that really needs to be seen to be believed. Not to mention the way that he handles Louie's old high school bully: the bully brags about pocketing a lot of tips at his fancy restaurant job, so Louie!Bobby claims he works as an auditor for the IRS. The look on the guy's face is priceless.
  • In "Latka's Revolting", after Louie tells Latka he'll be docking his pay because he has to call home and make sure people are safe, Alex warns him to be careful, as "the seeds of adi-feebi are planted in our minds." The other cabbies start chanting the word, and Louie quietly slips back into his booth and draws the shades.


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