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  • Antoine Thomas convincing Paul to speak out about witnessing the attack that led to Luis' death.
    It's time to start telling the truth, little brother. Do you understand what I'm saying?
  • Antoine's own decision to report what he knows about the same event, and come clean about his eligibility to play football for Lake Windsor. This voids all of Antoine's football wins, records, and milestones, for his entire high school football career. He's a senior in high school, and he just sacrificed four years of his hard work. (It also has the side effect of voiding Erik's senior year, right before he would be applying to college.)
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  • And Mr. Donnelly's column defending Antoine. Mr. Donnelly was the previous record-holder of one of the records Antoine broke during his football career, and Antoine's confession reinstates his record. While people like Paul's father are trashing Antoine for ruining the careers of their kids, Mr. Donnelly writes that none of this changes the fact that Antoine Thomas is the greatest football player in the history of Tangerine County. Everyone knows that.
    Thanks, Tangerine County Sports Commission, but no thanks. I'm not putting this thing back in my trophy case. I wouldn't even put this thing out in a garage sale. This is nothing to be proud of.
  • Paul telling the police the truth about Luis's death, including that the blackjack is still in Paul's friend's car. This comes after his parents managed to convince the neighbors to not press charges for the thefts of their personal objects, and Paul has had enough. This leads to Erik being put under house arrest; while we don't see the consequences, their father implies that the justice system isn't done with Erik.
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  • The confrontation that Paul's grandparents have with his parents; they accurately say I Told You So because they knew Erik should have been punished for hurting Paul, while also acknowledging that there is no easy answer for finding out your son is a violent monster. They then leave after seeing the house, and tell Paul So Proud of You.
  • Also Paul's response to being expelled from Tangerine Middle School, and his mother waived his right to appeal the decision; he tells his mother they'll make an exception for him, and plans to play with his teammates as soon as possible.

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