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Awesome / Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

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  • Don't tell me it's not awesome when Ricky Bobby wins the final race on foot after he and Jean Girard wreck their cars.
    • With Pat Benatar's "We Belong" as background music!
    • Not to mention the wreck that took out the whole field before hand.
    • Cal gets one for his response to Dennit's threat to fire him if he doesn't knock Ricky out of the race:
      Cal: Tell Mr. Dennit that Ricky Bobby is my best friend, and it's Shake 'n Bake time!
  • And don't forget Ricky learning to drive "with the fear" by having a live cougar in his car.
  • Susan's Dare to Be Badass Rousing Speech to Ricky. It's enough to make one wonder why Amy Adams has never given a commencement speech!
  • After the climactic race, Susan speaks her mind to Carly, Ricky's former wife, and the two flash their boobs at each other. Carly is surprised at Susan's.
    • Not to mention that Ricky turned down Carly for Susan.
  • For all you Moral Guardians out there, two words: GRANNY LAW.

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