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Awesome / Tales Of The Vanguard

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The Great Senzu Bean Heist:

  • From a villainous perspective, how effectively the Secret Society pulls off their part of the senzu bean heist. They manage to slip away without a problem, and get out of Chicago completely undiscovered. If not for Dr. Shikigami restoring the city with the Return To The Past, they would have successfully stolen an entire shipment of senzu beans.

Extra-TERROR-Estrial Thrills and Chills:


  • Extra-TERROR-Estrial Thrills and Chills starts with a hell of a bang with Jeanette Vasquez curb-stomping a dozen Xenomorphs and tearing them apart with her bare hands while hollering out "And This Is for..." all of her fallen comrades at Hadley's Hope. Right after discovering that, as a Hulk, she has a very good reason to say "Not Afraid of You Anymore".

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