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  • Any time a team won with a huge Sweep total or got enough bonuses to effectively cancel out the next-closest opponent. Scores exceeding $1,000 were rare prior to 1992, and some PAX episodes saw winning totals higher than $1,500.
  • Any time a "Team 3" wins the Big Sweep.
  • On the Lifetime/Pax versions, the very rare occasion in which a team amassed the maximum time from the base of 1:30 — originally 3:40, then 4:30, although in the latter case there were only one or two teams who even got four minutes.
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  • There is at least one 1990 episode where Team 3 won both the Big Sweep and the bonus round, with only a few seconds left by the time they grabbed the third product.
  • Early in the 1990 season, Sweep totals were revealed in dollars and cents. One team won the Big Sweep by 17¢.
  • Any time a team of contestants invited to play the Sweep of Champions or Second Chance won $5,000.
  • Any time a team wins $100,000 in the ABC revival.


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