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Awesome / Supergirl (2011)

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  • Kara returns to Earth and faces up to four Worldkillers. She is outnumbered, overpowered and energy-depleted, but she manages to win.
  • Kara and Power Girl teaming up in issues 19 and 20. Armies of soldiers clad in powered armor, genetic experiments and mad AIs against two Kryptonian girls? Easy as pie.
  • In issue 23, Cyborg Superman sends robot replicas of everyone from Supergirl's memories to stop her from escaping. It is a sight to see her tear through the horde of robot knockoffs. She rips fake Superman in half, crushes fake Wonder Woman with asteroids, incinerates fake Siobhan with heat vision, and wrecks many more ripoffs before she's overwhelmed and captured by Cyborg Superman. She probably would've destroyed them all if it wasn't for her kryptonite poisoning acting up again.
  • In issue 24, when her mind was trapped in the I'noxia collective, her thirst for revenge against Cyborg Superman allowed her to will herself free and forms a humongous, incredibly powerful version of herself out of the collective's nanobots to get through Brainiac's forces and exact her revenge.
  • Supergirl pummelling Lobo in issue 28.
  • And then in Supergirl 35 she gave up her Red Lantern ring, died, was reborn thanks to sun radiation and beat up the living Kryptonian armor.
  • In Justice League United #3, Supergirl first runs into Lobo after the events of Red Daughter of Krypton. Back then he got her so mad that she flew off the handle and became a Red Lantern. Here? She stands up calmly after he has sucker-punched her from behind, grabs his neck, states "Lobo... I really hate you, you know that?" in a completely deadpan tone and punches him across a valley. She really got over him.