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Bash Brothers in the making

Issue #1

  • The Batman Cold Open where the boys take on dozens of duplicates of themselves while snarking at each other with Casual Danger Dialogue sets the tone for the rest of the comic.
  • Damian successfully masqueraded as a substitute bus driver and Jon's substitute teacher with no one the wiser until Damian outright reveals himself to Jon out of sheer boredom. This alone makes you wonder what he can do if he's sufficiently motivated.


Issue #3

Issue #4

  • Everything going exactly according to Damian's plans even after getting captured by Kid Amazo.
    Damian: [while he and Jon are strung up by metal chains] Relax, we're going to be out of here in a few seconds, anyway.
    Jon: How? You getting Bat-Strength or something?
    Damian: Nope. It turns out I have a very cool superpower. I can see the future. Three... two... one... and here's... Luthor! [Lex Luthor busts through the wall, scattering the Amazo droids]
    Jon: How did you—
    Damian: What do you think I was doing with the android head earlier? I have sooooo much to teach you.
  • The boys standing side-by-side with their capes flowing dramatically in the wind as they unflinchingly stare down Kid Amazo.
    Kid Amazo: You second stringers really want to play, huh?! You really want to see what Amazo has unlocked in me?!
    Jon: You're gonna make another army to take us on?
    Damian: Kid, you really need to grow a pair.
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  • Sara, the girl who's suffered for so long at the hands of her brother, Kid Amazo, getting her revenge and saving what's left of him by forcibly tearing off the Amazo Armor.

Issue #7

  • Jon proves he has the Heroic Willpower to match his Heroic Lineage when he forcefully nullifies Time Commander's attempts to freeze him in time with sheer force of will.
    Jon: Hnn.. Lllttt... Meee... GO! [Time Commander, Atom Master, and Chun-Yull are all thrown backwards by Jon's shout]
    Starfire: What happened?
    Damian: [looks back at Jon who is grinning proudly] Superboy happened.
  • After being showed visions of Trigon by Raven, Damian says that she's the good cop while he's the bad before dramatically spreading his came out like a pair of bat wings and demanding that Time Commander revert his Rapid Aging, leading to Time Commander's Big "NO!".
    Time Commander: [exhausted and panting from exertion] ...Few minutes of isolation... all I need to refocus time neutrinos... get strength back... then turn all of them into their grandparents.
    Raven: [appearing out of nowhere] The last thing you want is for me to turn into anyone in my family, Time Commander. In fact, let me give you a glimpse of how scary that can be.
    Damian: [as Time Commander recoils backward and stumbles, landing at Damian's feet] That's Raven. She's the good cop. Me, I'm not. [spreads his cape dramatically] Let's talk about reverting my aging while you're still conscious.
    Time Commander: NOOOOO!
  • Jon tag-teaming with the Titans as they're clearly impressed by what they see.
    Aqualad: His name is Superboy, right?
    Starfire: [getting up after getting blasted to the floor] Yes.
    Aqualad: We gotta get one of those.
    Starfire: Yes we do.

Issue #8

  • Our boys will bicker constantly, but when it comes to saving the lives of innocents, they'll work like a well-oiled machine, as seen where they save a young boy who is in the clutches of Chun-Yull, the Faceless Hunter.
    Damian: [after binding Chun-Yull with a grapple gun] Superboy, give me some Big Bad Wolf action!
    Jon: [leaping into the fray] You got it! [proceeds to blow all of the magic off Chun-Yull, reducing it back to a statue]

Superman #38 (Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 4)

  • After the two verbally sparred about how a serious fight between the two would go down in the first issue of Super Sons, Jon makes due on his promise by knocking Damian out in one punch.

Issue #13

  • Jon flies right behind a member of the League of Assassins named Ezar and spooks him, with Jon smirking as the assassin's sword shatters harmlessly against his chest, showing just how much Jon's power and confidence has grown since the start of the series.
    Jon: Batman was right. Everybody aims for that.
  • Damian and Jon descend into a room full of assassins and proceed to kick their asses while Damian fills in Jon on the background behind the situation. The two never need to signal each other or even make eye contact to fight in perfect sync. They're truly Bash Brothers at this point.

Issue #14

  • Jon swoops in to save his mom from Talia al Ghul by catching the bullet she fired while moving so fast that Talia had no idea what just happened.
    Jon: [grinning while holding the bullet] Faster than a speeding bullet? Check.
  • Jon then goes on to trounce a team of assassins sent after him after the above incident, but not before a lady nearby bites off more than she can chew by trying to help him.
    Lady: Leave that little boy alone! He's just a child!
    Assassins: A dead one at that! And you can join him! [swings sword at her]
    Lady: No, please!
    Jon: [catches the sword with his bare hands] Just a heads-up, miss... [snaps the sword in half in one hand while holding two unconscious assassins with the other] This almost never happens in Metropolis!
  • Damian thoroughly and completely rejects his mother's plans for him before besting her in combat to prove her point.
    Talia: You are, and always will be, an assassin at heart my lovely boy. Your mother's child.
    Damian: Father is all the family I need. And I have friends now.
  • When Talia turns the tables on Damian by exploiting his Thou Shalt Not Kill rule, Jon drops her henchmen on top of her with pitch-perfect timing. He gloats about it later.
    Jon: How about that aim, huh? Totally timed it perfectly.

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