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Awesome / Suddenly, Last Summer

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  • Not in the movie, but from Real Life. The director, Joseph L. Mankiewicz (who also did All About Eve, among other famous movies), was supposed to have treated the troubled Montgomery Clift, who was dealing with some pretty bad substance abuse problems during production, very poorly. Though most of the other cast and crew members were sympathetic to Clift, Katharine Hepburn was absolutely disgusted by Mankiewicz's behavior. When filming was over, she went up to him, asked if she was no longer needed, and spat right in his face.
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  • Also not in the movie, but from Real Life. They knew Elizabeth Taylor would only able to shoot the final monologue, of around ten minutes, once (due to Taylor inciting the needed emotion by drawing up memories of her husband's recent death). She killed it.
  • Catherine being drugged and then finally telling the truth about what really killed her cousin and what went down before. It ended with her being spared from a lobotomy and Violet losing her mind, it's pretty awesome for someone who was struggling against people who were abusing her and as recounted in "The Accidental Feminist" she convinced a few doctors and their boss that it was wrong to maim healthy women like her for money.

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