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  • Every time Musolesi finds himself in deadly danger... And his indomitable will to survive and utter lack of shame come to the forefront, showing there's a reason if the soldiers often utter "Musolesi, what a devil!":
    • Due him painting himself as a tactical and strategic genius he's assigned to lead an assault against the enemy stronghold on the Cursed Hill. He's appalled, the soldiers assigned to the attack are even more to the point one shot himself upon receiving the news... Then Musolesi suddenly becomes eager and the soldiers realize they'll get out of this alive thanks to one of his dirty tricks. His plan? An outrageously false training course into mountain warfare... That serves to hide from the soldiers his real plan: train them into exhaustion (with some getting a heart attack) so the attack will have to be called off.
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    • After getting stuck with a suicide mission, Musolesi obtained to make one last phone call to Mussolini... To remind him that if he died the evidence about some bribes from the armament industry would come out. Mussolini promptly orders his mission canceled and makes sure he won't get stuck with suicide missions again.
    • After one of his schemes gets him heavily indebted with a supply officer that will murder him if he doesn't pay his debt he's shown increasingly scared, as nobody will lend him any money... Then on the last day he calmly walks to his creditor and pays him in cash. The soldiers wonder how did he do that... Then it comes out "someone" found Mussolini's journals and sold them to a paper for an outrageous sum of money.
      • A later strip shows that Musolesi didn't actually find those journals... He falsified them. And then started selling other fake Mussolini writings.
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    • He had once voluntereed for a "simple task" in the rear that turned out moving a package of nitroglycerine to the front. After he started showing off with an empty "exercise" package he was informed the soldiers of the rear had switched it with the real deal... And he managed to hold it for over fifteen hours before slipping... At which point he caught it with his foot, tiptoed (with one foot) to the latrines, and dropped it there.
  • The utterly nonchalant way the two guys from the 27th Armored Battalion (of Discipline) treat everything:
    • Someone was doubting of their badass credentials... Then an enemy shell passed by and they used it to scratch a match and lit their cigarettes.
    • Their first encounter with the Sergeant:
      Sergeant: "What are you doing there, you lazy asses?! I'm a sergeant!"
      *one of the two rises from where they were slacking, takes a close look, and lies down again*
      Soldier 1: "He's right, he's actually a sergeant."
      Soldier 2: "Who'd have expected it? A sergeant!"
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    • To try and tame them, the Sergeant ordered them to defuse some unexploded shells. They simply grab bottle openers and start detaching the fuses without a care in the world, also throwing any dangerous-looking fuse at the Sergeant for a check.
    • The way they reduce the Sergeant into a paranoid wreck by pointing out they'd never "accidentally" shoot him in presence of witnesses.
    • Their two Big Damn Heroes moments:
      • When the Sergeant was screwing Private Otto's "girlfriend"-actually the battalion's whore-and, given he had paid to spend the whole night with her, forced him to hold his pants, the 27th stumbled on the scene, slapped silly the one trooper that was finding the situation hilarious, and gave the Sergeant the lesson of his life, hinting that if he ever came there again they'd slit his throat.
      • The Drunken Captain had been succeeded by a Glory Hound that would have got the battalion decimated in a suicide attack to have a promotion to major when the 27th showed up to pay respect to their old commander... And as they were there tricked his successor to go into a minefield.
  • The Drunken Captain was completely drunk all the time... And would do awesome things because of that:
    • During an inspection from a superior the enemy started to shoot him with a machine gun. He was so drunk to hallucinate... And so he swatted all the bullets from air mistaking them for wasps.
    • At one point the battalion was targeted by a massive enemy attack that would have wiped it out... And the old drunkard single-handedly saved them, even using his cocktail as a Molotov Cocktail. Too bad he was hit by a stray bullet right as the enemy retreated...
      • The Molotov cocktail was contained in a single cocktail glass, and yet it was powerful enough to blow up a tank... And he drinks it all the time.
    • This man had the respect of the 27th Armored Battalion (of Discipline), and was once a colonel before being demoted because "He had been a bit naughty". That is all.

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