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  • There is no single moment of awesome as Strider is awesome incarnate in all forms.


  • Knowing the backstory of Strider 2 only highlights how much of a One-Man Army that Hiryu is. Meio's plan to kill all of humanity in the original game? He succeeded despite his death, meaning in the two thousand years between games, it became populated with a new humanity wholly dedicated to the Grandmaster. This means every army and combatant on Earth (besides the very little off-screen support he gets) is out for Hiryu's blood, and they're much more dangerous and better-armed than in the original game. This doesn't stop Hiryu from singlehandedly fulfilling his mission a second time and making damn sure Meio's deader than dead this time. And the story scenes make it out to be nigh-effortless for him, to the point that he becomes a walking Mook Horror Show, every single villain gets progressively more terrified of his unflinching progress, and even Meio loses his shit when he's finally stopped.
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  • The ending to the 2014 reboot. After killing Meio Prime in orbit over Earth, Hiryu surfs on Meio Prime's corpse all the way back down to the surface. Short? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes. Bonus points if it was with the Strider Hien costume on.
  • The very fact that the series is now canon to the Street Fighter universe. Thanks to the existence of Zeku, it is now confirmed that the Striders' fighting style is derived from Bushinryu, connecting two of Capcom's most badass ninjas together - Hiryu and Guy.

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