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  • Harry makes an entrance at the mob-owned Varsity by blowing the door off its hinges, melting the jukebox, and exploding every lightbulb in the place.
    Dresden: "Little pig, little pig, let me in...."
    • Made even more impressive since Dresden blew the door out towards him so as not to rain splinters on innocent bystanders.
      • That quote sums up Dresden pretty well. The dude is a big bad wolf.
    • Also something of a Moment Of Awesome for Marcone, as he's completely unfazed by Dresden's display.
  • Harry and Murphy are handcuffed and trapped in an elevator. The scorpion talisman has grown to the size of a French car, poisoned Murphy into unconsciousness, and is trying to rip through the roof of the elevator. Harry knows that shooting fire at it would heat up the car too much to survive. So instead Harry pulls air up from the bottom of the shaft causing them to rise 11 stories and crush the scorpion against the ceiling.
    • And then the elevator falls all the way back down to the ground floor, where some very surprised paramedics are waiting.
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  • We can't forget the fact that Harry channels the power of a fucking thunderstorm to banish a demon. While naked.
  • Harry going out to find Victor Sells and stop him from using a thunderstorm to murder him, but while he's in Mac's pub he's stopped by Morgan, who claims that he has proof that Harry has been committing the murders. Harry makes to go sit down and talk...then he grabs one of the heavy wooden chairs and beats Morgan into unconsciousness with it. Keep in mind that Morgan is a Lawful Stupid Inspector Javert Knight Templar BFS-carrying wizard parole officer that could have Harry killed at any time.
    • It's worth noting that Morgan came within yards of killing the Red King and almost faced down a reanimated dinosaur and Harry still took him down with relative ease
  • One for both Harry and Jim Butcher, as while the first book was a little rocky, the closing monologue is excellent.
    My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk. When things are at their darkest, when what goes bump in the night flips on the lights, when there's no one else to help you, give me a call. I'm in the book.
  • Victor Sells is the first of a really long line of badass villains in the Dresden Files. The guy managed to become a powerful warlock almost all by himself. His modus operandi was tapping in the power of nature to use dark magic to explode peoples' hearts.. Oh, and he also used freaking giant scorpions to waste people. And as is revealed in Changes, it's a downgraded version of a bloodline curse that could kill an entire race if you pumped enough power into it.

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