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  • Ascentia has one where she is able to subdue Diamond Tiara and really strike her where it hurts (non-physically); by threatening the fact that if she keeps up bullying Apple Bloom, it could lead to severe financial downfalls a la the Domino Effect.
    • Twilight then manages to subdue Silver Spoon in a similar way to Ascentia's method.
    • Sweetie Belle even has a minor one where she actually calls an adult (these adults being Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy at first) to get help from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's bullying. Further adding to this, she never once loses her cool and keeps on fighting against the two of them in the form of Take That! against typical schoolyard bullying.
  • Pinkie Pie manages to actually get her friends to sit down and talk again, by bringing them to Sugarcube Corner under false pretenses. Even when the moments get tough, she never once falters or loses faith.
    • Scootaloo in a similar vein has Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle get back together and doesn't take no for an answer.
  • Rainbow Dash adopting Scootaloo, while doubling as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • A minor one, but Twilight's letter to Celestia in the epilogue counts for something.
  • Fluttershy conceding to Rainbow getting treatment at a mental facility and completely willing to take care of Scootaloo is quite a turning point for her.
  • Twilight eventually is able to hold back reacting out of violence or anger against Ascentia by the final chapter before the epilogue. In spite of her wife's continuous knocks against her treatment, she still perseveres through.
  • Also doubling as a Heartwarming Moment is the reconciliation scene. Rainbow Dash stops Fluttershy from leaving her and tearfully embraces her, begging her not to go. From their heated breakup to this moment, it had been tough bitterness and resentment. Rainbow forgives her and apologizes for her behaviour, to which Fluttershy forgives her.
    • Adding to it is Scootaloo forgiving Rainbow for attempting to molest her, proving her unwavering faith in her sister figure turned adopted mother. They finally become a family again.
  • In spite of it being unhealthy in many ways, Ascentia being able to forgive Twilight for everything definitely earns a mention.
    • Their scene in the final chapter before the epilogue is certainly awesome in it of itself, as well as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Ascentia hits another note when she makes an agreement with Twilight that as far as she's concerned, the abuse never happened and Twilight is to never bring it up again. She is insistent on putting it behind her. The best part is that Twilight finally accepts that Ascentia has forgiven her for everything.
  • In the epilogue, it's mentioned that both Twilight and Fluttershy ended up having very troubling and painful labours when delivering their children. Fluttershy ended up needing a little surgery (not a C-section) and Twilight needed to be sedated after she delivered. Their babies were born healthy as a result, something they both felt thankful for. While not explicitly shown, it's not hard to imagine how horribly painful and strenuous it must have been.

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