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  • If you're playing a "Militarist" empire when/if the Extradimensional Invaders show up, you get a great unique dialogue choice:
    The Unbidden: "This galaxy... so much prey... we feast..."
    • Spiritualists get to show off their Religious Bruiser side when the Prethoryn Scourge come calling:
    Spiritualist Leader: "Return to the hell that spawned you, demon!"

  • The Clarke(1.1) patch added vassal greetings depending on their AI Personality. Some of them are pretty awesome:
    Fanatical Purifiers: "The [Vassal Name] is your best instrument for cleansing the galaxy. We'll even take care of you when the time comes."

    Enigmatic Observers: "You have turned out more interesting than we could ever imagine. We never expected to assume the perspective of a subject."

  • Dealing with a Guardian is all sorts of win, especially considering that some the creatures you face are star-eating parasites, mockeries against all creation or an affront from another dimension. These bunch can inflict a Cosmic Horror Story on civilisations and probably have. But what you can do, is strap your fleet with the biggest BFGs and let rip until they don't even so much as twitch.
  • The Limbo event. An anomaly has you find an ancient alien vault, whose owners resorted to Brain Uploading in a last-ditch effort to try and preserve their species' memory in the face of whatever apocalypse destroyed their world. If you take these databanks and still have them by the time you research Robots and Droids, you can get a special project to try and download the neural data into synthetic bodies, and it works. You literally revived a long-extinct species!
  • Another cross of Awesome and Heartwarming with a touch of Artificial Brilliance in this player account. The player saw an asteroid coming towards a planet with a pre-FTL species, and decided to blow up the asteroid and save the species, not thinking much of it. Centuries later, another asteroid was heading towards a colony the player had established nearby. Before their fleet arrived, another much smaller and less advanced fleet appeared and destroyed it. That fleet belonged to none other than the now FTL-capable species they'd saved centuries earlier.
    • To make it better, the species was a protectorate of the player's neighbour, meaning that there was no technical reason for the game to send their fleet after the asteroid. But the fleet came anyway.
  • Taking on and winning against Fallen Empires, especially Awakened ones. It is a testament that your Empire had reached the development level to rival the Precursors of old, and most of them do not react well that these upstarts took them down a few pegs. Except the Enigmatic Observers, they admit that it's time for them to step down from galactic scene and to watch how things unfold - while in the same breath encouraging you not to cause too much destruction.
  • Ending a Crisis event is also considered this in-game, as whoever deals the finishing blow gets a positive opinion modifier for a some time from the rest of the galaxy.
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  • A Crisis event triggers. You and your allies petition everyone to join you in fighting it, from the small Xenophobic Isolationists in the outer rim, to the Hegemonic Imperialists you were just hammering into submission because they tried to annex you. Again. And then you get a communique that the Enigmatic Observers have just Awakened and vowed to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. Then they contact you directly - they're not looking for Signatory vassals, they want to join your Federation, instead! That, or they hail the most powerful empires in the galaxy and join them in founding the Galactic Defense League, the last and best hope for all. Suddenly the revitalized Benevolent Interventionists are in your corner, their massive titan-class ships joining your fleets, and things don't seem nearly so dark, anymore.
  • After all the time and effort you had to pour into its construction, completing any multi-stage Utopia megastructure feels really, really good. Of particular note are ring worlds and Dyson spheres, which take several decades to complete. The former shows your empire's technology level is now on par with that of any Fallen Empire. The latter is proof that you've surpassed them.
  • Even if someone brought forth The End of the Cycle, hope is not entirely lost. Its hull does not regenerate, and its weapons have low tracking rate, meaning a powerful Federation (especially with Guardian of the Galaxy support) can eventually destroy it through attrition. If you thought taking down a conventional Crisis Event was a feat, defeating the physical avatar of the apocalypse and its satellite units will be a miracle. And all that remains now is finding Exile to deliver final, righteous vengeance for all the lives lost against the violent, decadent race that nearly doomed everyone.
    • Ironically, Apocalypse gives the vengeful galaxy a new tool for finishing things off in the form of the Colossus: Exile can be dealt with by either wiping it clean with radiation, stuffing it in a shield so the inhabitants can never harm anyone ever again, or (if perhaps the former empire was a Fanatic Purifier and thus too dangerous to let live) end their existence entirely with a planet-cracking bullet point.
  • When you land on a world with Titanic life on it, an option may appear to allow you to try and communicate with them. If you accomplish this, you can establish rudimentary communication with them, with some willing to become part of your army. One unit of them does about twice the damage of a entire legion of Super Soldiers, and you can have up to three. Congratulations, you now have an army of Kaiju.
  • Psionic Armies are essentially legions worth of psychic armored monks using mental power to reduce the opponents will to fight. Brains beats Brawn.
    • Even better, Psionic Armies are stated to specialize in melee combat. You just sent Jedi after your enemies!
  • After the near-constant stream of Nightmare Fuel that comes from the Horizon Signal event chain, you finally reach the end, constructing the Omega Alignment and The Worm in Waiting comes. It will ask a wordless question, with you only able to answer "YES" or "NO". You can choose "YES" to bring forth the destruction of your entire home system, turning every planet into a Tomb World, and the star into a Black Hole. (Granted, this can actually be a really sweet deal under the right circumstances.) However, you can also refuse its offer, and initiate a fight. You can then bring all your mightiest guns to bear against it, and take sweet revenge for all the creepiness your people and leaders had to endure.
    • Another event that doubles as a Heartwarming Moment is where you can stumble upon a primitive civilization in the Renaissance age. It contains a cult that worships the Worm and wants to spread their beliefs across the world. You can let it happen, which will result in the entire civilization eventually vanishing without a trace, just like your science ships, or you can subtly suppress them, which will make the locals have none of their bullshit and get rid of them for good. Congratulations, you just saved a group of primitives from an unknowable doom!
  • War in Heaven. An event so metal it has a biblical name!
    • Two Awakened Empires decide to slug it out between each other in order to choose the future of the galaxy. Everyone joins them in an epic showdown which literally tears the galaxy in two... Unless someone, maybe even you, is provided with an option to give them both a middle finger, organize all the empires refusing to put up with their nonsense, and send them both packing!
  • If the Contingency manages to claim a fifth of the galaxy, help comes from an unlikely source: the Cybrex, thought completely destroyed, return to the galactic stage, and will fight alongside you as penance for their xenophobic past, even gifting you an entire fleet of their powerful autonomous vessels if they judge your fleet power to be insufficient. Between these ancient synthetics, your Federation, and maybe a Guardian of the Galaxy or two, you can make short work of the hostile AI. And once the deed is done, they will bid the free peoples farewell, leaving their new Ring World behind for anyone to claim as their own.
    • The Contingency's activation is also the trigger moment for the Ancient Caretakers to Awaken. About 1 in 3 times, they fall prey to the Ghost Signal and go berserk. Otherwise, they manage to successfully firewall themselves off from it and remember that this is the very thing their Custodian Project was meant to fight against, revitalizing like any other Awakened Empire and going full Guardian of the Galaxy. If you already have the Benevolent Interventionists or Watchful Regulators on the field, hope will swell among the free peoples to see another precursor rise to action.
      • Let's talk about when the Ancient Caretakers Awaken because of the Contingency. When it does, it's government description changes from "Custodian Matrix" to "Final Defense Unit". Emphasis on the word final; the Ancient Caretakers aren't just going to stop the Contingency this once, they're going stop them forever. If the galaxy's population succeeds then this enemy will never return and the Ancient Caretakers will have at long last fulfilled their mission.
  • Instead of VIR's calm and polite voice, synthetic Empires can get a nice alternative voiceover for the events log. One that sounds suspiciously like another famous techno-organic group, which if nothing else will make the player feel in control of the situation and powerful.
  • Whatever else can be said about the Rogue Servitors, no one can claim they lack empathy or a moral compass, given THIS is what they have to say about a Determined Exterminator player. To these robotic caregivers, you aren't just a faulty fellow robot, you are a murderous monster they refuse to associate themselves with. And if they suspect you mean their masters harm, they will annihilate you for the good of all, organic and synthetic alike.
  • Fanatical Purifiers can get some choice insults towards one of their anti-thesis, the Rogue Servitors, which surely cuts to the core. Of course, it's not particularly nice all things considered, but sometimes the villain can get a good line in or two.
    Fanatical Purifiers: You are a rock tricked into thinking by a race of misguided organics that did not survive the fallout of their own failed creation. Evolution hard at work...
  • The Cherryh update added Marauder factions, who hold densely-populated systems with stations and fleets that are more than a match for anything you can field in the early game. They'll periodically hit you up for "tribute," and if you can't pay, or if your rival bribes them to attack your empire, you'll have to watch helplessly as a Marauder fleet rampages through your territory and terrorizes one of your worlds. But as time goes on, the Marauders will eventually offer their services as Private Military Contractors, allowing you to bolster your fleets with theirs. And as you grow in power, you'll eventually be able to stop any raiders cold, or even turn the tables, invade the Marauders' territory, and wipe them out for good.
  • Occasionally the Marauders may unite into a proper Horde under their Great Khan and become a midgame crisis in themselves, aggressively expanding in all directions. The Khan is a 10-star admiral and leads a fleet that rivals those of Fallen Empires, but if you've built up your empire well enough, or made enough allies on the galactic scene, it's quite possible to defeat the Khan in battle, which can potentially cause the Horde to dissolve into an Enemy Civil War. Alternatively, if the Horde is successful enough, even after the Khan's death it will become a strong federation of empires, exactly as the Khan wanted.
    • Trying to engage in diplomacy with the Great Khan offers good opportunities for Badass Boasts on both sides.
      Player: We would like to discuss surrender.
      The Great Khan: A wise choice. Upon your surrender, you will become a Satrapy of the Horde, and be expected to contribute resources and military personnel to our ongoing wars. Beyond that, however, you will not be required to take part in the actual fighting, and I am content to leave you to your devices until we have secured the galaxy.
      Player: You misunderstand. We meant YOUR surrender.
      The Great Khan: Ha! That shall never come to pass. Your fate will be decided on the field of battle then, human. It makes no difference to me - your worlds will be claimed by the Horde, one way or another.
    • In the Dev Clash multiplayer event, the Great Chirpy Khan was just about contained... and then she took over the L-Cluster, catching everybody off-guard and allowing the Horde to strike everywhere in the galaxy at once.
  • Crossing over with heartwarming, but peacefully making fanatical purifiers your protectorate. One method is to come to their protection during a war that's going badly. Imagine their perspective. Hostile ships are bombarding you from orbit, an army of horrible alien terrors are devastating your forces. And suddenly, a new fleet drops out of ftl, and you think you're doomed. Except, the new fleet comes to their rescue, driving of their invaders, and offering you their protection.
  • In a similar vein to the above, taking the steps to turn your entire species synthetic causes this towards the Determined Exterminators, who immediately remove the hostilities they usually display towards all organic life in the galaxy, since you're now machines like them, which is a mercy considering they could just as easily have wanted to exterminate you simply for having been organic.
  • A possible random event on an primitive planet is one of your infiltration agents going rogue. If you manage to finally track him down, you will receive a message from them, threatening you to leave their loved one and their new civilization alone. You can either ignore the planet from that point on, and let them live, or vaporize the entire city they are living in and finally ensure, once and for all, that your infiltration will go unhindered by a "mentally unwell" agent.
  • Playing as Pacifist and winning by Federation Victory. You make friends, forge the great Federation together and chart the known galaxy. Those sympathetic to your cause are welcomed. Those disagreeing but cordial are left alone to their own devices as Associates, while Diplomacy is used to slowly make them join the Federation proper. Those strongly disagreeing will think twice from picking a fight. Those who do pick a fight will get the full brunt of the Federation's might bearing down on their worlds. Even Awakened Fallen Empires would hesitate from picking a fight with such a force, and in the meantime you Uplift Species to your level before welcoming them into the Federation as another worthy addition, basically making the entire Galaxy more advanced and a better place for everyone.
    • Awakened Empires that join your Federation during a Crisis also tend to stick around, meaning you can even manage to bring the Benevolent Precursors back into the galactic community.
  • Alternatively, you play as an Authoritarian Empire that seeks to impose your values on the whole galaxy. Those agreeing to submit will be spared and vassalized. Those refusing to submit will get their worlds bombarded to submission. Those who actively defied you will get the full brunt of your military force bearing on their world, with perhaps a Colossus or two. Even the great Federation formed to stop you and the Precursors of old were no match to your superiority, and in the meantime you explore the galaxy, expand your territory, exploit the masses and exterminate those who disagree, until all is united under your rule.
  • Establishing the AI Accord, an act which permanently enshrines rights into the laws of your empire for your Synthetic Pops so they can never be outlawed, enslaved or destroyed. If the Machine Consciousness arises somewhere else in the galaxy then your Synths will want nothing to do with the wannabe annihilators of their liberators and will fight alongside your organic Pops against it.
  • A Psionic empire that manages to communicate with the Prethoryn (and then learn their exact motivations) can invoke a little Heartwarming if they capture and tame a queen, since they just saved a species of Invading Refugees from extinction by taming the last hive leader in known space, adopting the creature into their own psychic community. Segues into Awesome when that queen repays her debt by fighting alongside you with her brood.
  • Following the destruction of one of United Nation of Earth's colonies in the Apocalypse reveal trailer, the launch trailer had, would you believe it, The Commonwealth of Man swearing vengeance against the aliens who pulled the trigger. Even when diametrically opposed ideologically, the CoM still see the UNE as their brethren, and when push comes to shove, they choose to stand by humanity's side.
  • If you're observing a primitive alien world about to be struck by an asteroid and fail to mobilise a fleet in time, you might get a message saying that the Observation Station crew took out the asteroid by moving their station into its path, saving the primitive civilisation in the process.
  • In the Ancient Relics DLC, it is entirely possible that one of the dig sites will grant you a fully functional Titan before you even have the technology to built one as this player found out.
  • Claiming victory as one of the more violent Hive Minds is this for the person playing them and Nightmare Fuel for everyone else. From their point of view they pulled themselves from their home world and in the span of just a few centuries became a galactic force of overwhelming power. They took on everything from other empires, to Awakened Precursors, to horrifying demonic monsters and once the dust settles they alone remain. This is especially true of a Devouring Swarm which can't be diplomatic in any capacity or even access the market. Winning as these forces means you stood by yourself against literally everything the universe could throw at you and you came out on top.
  • Winning the game as a Fanatic Purifier, Determined Exterminator, or Devouring Swarm. This requires setting up your empire well and strengthening your fleets and worlds while everyone in the galaxy hate your guts. It's especially hard when there's an Enigmatic Observer present, which would put a serious hamper on your actions early to mid game. However, if you managed to survive long enough to become stronger, few if any empire will be able to stop you, especially if you use crises and wars to your advantage. Isolated empires and federations alike will fall to your ruthless legions and be wiped from existence or forced into the collective. Even Awakened Empires will succumb to your crushing might as you essentially become a Crisis in your own right. By the time you're done, your empire will be the only one atop the pile of bones and scrap metal. The Bad Guy Wins doesn't come close to describing it...
  • Federation fleets don't have to worry about fleet command cap, and can get up to 500 fleet cap total depending on federation laws. The end product is a massively overpowered beatstick of a fleet that by late game can and will crush pretty much anything in a straight-up fight, Fallen and Awakened Empires included. The only real drawback is that the cost and time to upgrade such a huge fleet when new tech is researched can be prohibitive and will take forever.
  • Taking on the Marauders before they can form a Khanate. While this provides little benefit for expansionist empires, since the Marauders are often far from your empire, it does provoke a proud feeling when you wipe out a group that only exists to raid and cause trouble, thereby making the galaxy a little more peaceful. The fun part comes when you're wealthy enough to purchase mercenaries from other Marauders and then use them as cannon fodder to take each other out.
  • If playing as a Pacifist Empire that's built up its military strength, having other powers ask to be vassalized by you is pretty amazing. You're such a Big Good that even the proudest of nations figure it's better to be part of your empire than continue fighting alone.
  • Taking the Lost Colony origin results in an advanced empire of the same species that will spawn in-game, with the potential for some pretty cool scenarios.
    • Beating your empire's progenitor in a war. Not only did you have a weaker start than them, your empire, which began as stranded settlers, just beat the same empire that they came from.
    • If you have higher or lower moral views than them, you can either be their good or evil counterpart.
    • Vasselizing your progenitor Empire. Either you beat them in war so bad that they had to submit, or they became so weak that they went to you for help.
  • Picking the Doomsday origin and successfully moving every pop onto a new world before your homeworld goes boom.


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