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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tennoji-san saving the day when the lab gets attacked and his daughter is in danger.
  • The rebirth of Hououin Kyouma.
    • How he snaps out of it - in Promised Rinascimento, he wakes up after a Suzuha punch. In Vega & Altair, he snaps out of it after Suzuha and Mayuri are possibly killed and resolves to finish the Phonewave (name subject to change) 2.0..
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    • Somehow this was made more awesome and funnier in the anime version. After time-leaping from the future back to 2011, Okabe asked Daru to punch him again in the face (reminiscing episode 16) to get him back to his senses. Okabe did get back to his senses... But at the same time, he started laughing madly and uncontrollably, where he finally made it back as Hououin Kyouma! Between Hiyajo's utterly flabbergasted expression and Daru's high-spirited reaction, both they and the viewers knew that the old Okabe has returned in all its glory.
  • Daru knocking the daylights out of Okabe after he insults Maho in a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! move.
    • Made even better in the anime version. In a bout of O.O.C. Is Serious Business, Tomokazu Seki has managed to convey Daru's angered emotions that are not his usual schtick of voicing Daru, and the way he delivered the voice acting in the said scene almost doesn't sound like Daru at all - which in turn, rendered Okabe utterly confused by Daru's angered reaction. No wonder he snapped from his earlier angry outbursts.
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  • Moeka finally having a Big Damn Heroes moment of her own in Maho's route by rescuing her from Reyes. She also recovers after being shot in this world line, instead of dying or going crazy like in the other world lines.
  • Shimoyama gets a villainous one in Pandora's Box, when he tricks Okabe into revealing his Reading Steiner ability.
  • Episodes 19 to 21 show us how bit by bit, slowly but certainly, Okabe awakens his uncompromising Determinator mindset and faces his inner demons, finally growing out of his depression.
  • Episode 21 is basically awesomeness incarnation:
    • While facing the fact that time-leaping back to the year 2025 will be a tricky business since in that time Okabe was going to be trapped in an ambush and possibly will reveal his own location to Stratfor by using the Time-Leap Machine, Okabe asked Amadeus to help him to the rendezvous point by deliberately scrambling his own phone's signals to his friends' phones to create a diversion to confuse Stratfor! The use of original Steins;Gate's VN opening song Skyclad Observer only adds more fuel to said awesomeness.
      • As Okabe escapes from his certain death running, uttering a "World of Cardboard" Speech in his mind, the animation evolves from showing Okabe running away from his pursuers, switching to him literally COURSING through time, taking The Slow Path in reverse with now each year Okabe takes back scrolling on the screen, as he screams back his way to 2011.
      Okabe: I won't give up anymore. I won't lie to myself anymore. I won't accept compromises, and tell myself anymore that this was the right thing. Everyone has struggled and fought, they tried to change this world, so I will trust in their feelings! Their feelings will become my power! I will reach that place!
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    • The fact that Hiyajo has managed to not only reconstruct the Time Leap Machine (albeit with the labmems' assistance) from scratch but also managed to make it capable of time-leaping for as long as two weeks, an act of result that Kurisu herself couldn't even begin to dream of! Okabe's compliments to her says it all.
  • Episode 23 has, fittingly, such moments in spades:
    • As for yet another time, the helicopter shows up to destroy the Time Machine before Mayuri and Suzuha can go to the past, this time, Okabe forces himself to "observe" the actual instant of the missile impact, and acquire absolute confirmation that the time machine managed to leave this timeline BEFORE the missile exploded. Once he gets a LINE message which proves Mayuri and Suzuha's success, he proceeds to open a can of Laughing Mad and a "World of Cardboard" Speech loaded with a ton of cryptic references on Leskinen, who can only look in abject incomprehension and contempt (His glare seems to waver between Oh, Crap!, "What does he know that I don't?", "How dare you screw me over?!" and "What the HELL is this man saying?" because the cryptic deluded and crazy-sounding speech JUST hits the nail on the head). THIS is the Crazy Awesome Okabe that would go on to lead a resistance, and when "Hououin Kyouma" ceases to be a mere joke but becomes the real deal.
    Okabe: Listen up, poor fools! The Schroedinger Box has now been opened! The time machine you tried to steal does not exist here anymore! It has already disappeared beyond time and space! You can cower in frustration, and fear! I, Hououin Kyouma, will not lose to the likes of you, or to destiny! I swear I WILL find Steins Gate! That is... my choice!
    • The mail's contents? It gets revealed 14 years later, in 2025, just before Okabe uses the prototype time machine. THIS is what gave 2025 Okabe the idea he gave to 2010 Okabe back in Steins;Gate.
      Deceive the world.
      Connect the possibilities.
      The world can be fooled.
    • Mayuri and Suzuha managing to hop back to the fateful day in time for one minute (RIGHT after Okabe went with Suzuha to attempt and fail at saving Kurisu, and RIGHT before they came back, so as to avoid a paradox) to give the original Mayuri all the information she needed to act and avert Okabe's Heroic BSoD. Barring the Crazy Awesome of avoiding the paradox in the first place, you have to keep in mind they KNEW they didn't have the fuel to make it back, all but guaranteeing they would be lost in a corner of spacetime.
    • 2025 Okabe sending the Rousing Speech to 2010 Okabe, and then using the prototype Time machine to go all the way to BC 18000 to rescue them. Then, backed by the time machine's GIANT PILLAR OF LIGHT, with an unflinching walk, and a crazed overconfident smile, he goes and utters this gem of a line:
    Okabe: Sorry to have kept you waiting, you two!
    • Also Okabe's Crazy Awesome way of giving destiny the finger, by taking him out himself of the timeline altogether, since he now knows there ARE loopholes and various definitions to death by convergence events. Maho even lampshades the extreme level of skewed, positive thinking such an idea requires in the first place.
  • Pretty much everything about Future!Luka. In the years since "training" in swordplay with Okabe before the war, gentle Luka (who always had a complex over perceived uselessness) legitimately develops into a One-Man Army and the Future Gadget Lab's strongest combat unit as well as serving as one of the comatose Okabe's primary caregivers.
  • Although it ends up being a Bait-and-Switch, Okabe rushing out of the lab to protect Maho with basically a toy lightsaber when her call suddenly gets cut off and he's afraid she's being kidnapped is one given they still don't know each other very well at that point.
  • Mayuri's resolving herself to do everything she can to help Rintaro. It's so awesome that Suzuha gets a message from Future!Daru telling her that Mayuri's decision changed the world line to the point of allowing Operation Altair to commence.
  • Really, the entire premise of the game. As one VNDB user put it, "The entire point of Zero is to show how much work Okabe had to do in order to open the door of Steins Gate. In the original Steins;Gate, we just thought that Okabe did it instantly with his plan to fool the universe, but it was much more than that. Okabe had to suffer for multiple timelines over just to build the steps that would lead to the creation of the door we need for Steins Gate."

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