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Trailers and pre-release cinematics

  • It's the first time these iconic words have been uttered during a cinematic... and it. Is. Glorious.
    • The newly born archon proceeds to slaughter an entire wave of zerglings with no effort at all. And when an ultralisk proves too much for him, he self-destructs black hole style, making all matter in a certain radius around him (ultralisk included) cease to exist, leaving a huge hole where there used to be a wall.
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    • The entire fight leading up to the sacrifice is no less incredible. highlights include the Archon catching one of the Ultralisk's blades with one hand, and then neck-lifting a damn Ultralisk with the other.
    • The Archon also uses a psionic shockwave to cut off one of the ultralisk's blades. Ouch. The ultralisk actually flinches from this.
  • In that same cinematic, Kaldalis (the one-eyed zealot) is the lone surviving member of team their fates , and yet he's standing tall, staring down literally thousands of Zerg, with an expression that's practically daring them to do their worst. Fear is for the enemy indeed.
    • He readies his psi-blades... and then the Pylon behind him finishes warping in. Cue first a few, then a dozen and then hundreds of flashes of light as an entire army warps right into the field around him. For all the 100 gate proxy pylon jokes, it's a truly awesome moment that shows that despite the setbacks the Daelaam have suffered, they are still not a force to be trifled with.
      • Kaldalis' reaction heavily emphasizes exactly what happened: he glances back at the warping-in pylon, then slowly looks back at the Zerg and you can tell his thoughts have gone from "I'm Taking You with Me" to "we win".
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    • Made even better as the army charges into battle, Protoss still warping in all around, and begin carving up Zerg, with Artanis' narration making clear that Aiur will be theirs again.
    Artanis: Today, we retake our homeworld! And with it, our legacy!
    • Kaldalis actually lags behind two of the newcomers in the final charge, only to put on a burst of speed and leap ahead of them to be the first into battle. And that's after being the last survivor of the vanguard force. for being such a minor character, the guy went out in one hell of a blaze of glory
  • After decades of hearing "My Life for Aiur", the Reclamation trailer uses it with real feeling and it is awesome.
    • In particular, Kaldalis answering Artanis' doubts by revealing exactly how much the ideal of reclaiming Aiur means to him and how much he is willing to sacrifice for it, as well as the final shot of the trailer:
    Kaldalis: The lives lost tomorrow will be the price of our future.
    Artanis: An easy sentiment from one who is not sending them to die!
    Kaldalis: From one who is being sent to die! I will be among the first to spill Zerg blood! I am a Khundelar, the tip of the spear!
    Artanis: Khundelar... few will survive the first wave. Why?!
    Kaldalis: Because I know of no higher honor. I volunteered for a chance to give my life for our home, to make a world for all Protoss once more. You made me believe in that.
    Artanis: A world for all Protoss once more... it will be because of warriors like you.
    Kaldalis: Come back, Artanis. Lead us home.
    Artanis: Kaldalis...
    Kaldalis: My life for Aiur. (warps out)
    Artanis: (quietly) My life for Aiur. (warps out, camera pans to reveal the Golden Armada in all its glory above the moon he had been standing on)
  • TL;DR: They really shouldn't have had Kaldalis die during the first attempt to reclaim Aiur.


The Firstborn shall fear you no longer!!
  • The first mission in the main campaign involves the Protoss going all-out in reclaiming Aiur, in all its suitably epic glory. Granted it doesn't last long, due to Amon corrupting the Khala, but nonetheless you catch a glimpse of the Protoss at their best even for a relatively brief moment. Made especially awesome by this mission blowing the opening missions of the other campaigns straight out of the water in terms of sheer scale. Wings had Raynor and a squad of Marines performing minor sabotage, and Heart had Kerrigan derailing Valerian's lab experiment. Legacy instead opens with a huge Protoss army sweeping across the surface of Aiur, destroying everything in their path.
  • When Artanis comes to Karax's rescue on Aiur, he doesn't mess around. He finishes the encounter by tearing a zergling to shreds with his bare hands in a Gory Discretion Shot. Zeratul's death left him with grief and fury, and this scene shows it.]]
  • On that subject, Zeratul's death itself. Artanis has been taken over by Amon, and it seems there is no hope. The only way to save Artanis, and by extension the rest of the Protoss, is to cut his nerve cords to free him from control. So Zeratul fights him one on one, being badly injured, but finally managing to cut the cords at the cost of his own life.
    Amon This body, all protoss, are mine! I will shatter this corrupt cycle. You shall not stand against me.
  • Then there's the Spear of Adun itself. Everything about it is awesome in one way or another.
    • It's a giganticnote  Arkship designed at the height of Protoss civilisation, housing a legion of that age's greatest warriors and cultural minds who voluntarily left behind everything they knew to be put into stasis aboard it. Why? Because the ancient Protoss who built it had the foresight to realize their Golden Age might not last, and that instead of just resting on their laurels their entire lives, they should do everything in their power to give their descendants a fighting chance even in the absolute darkest of times.
    • How advanced were the ancient Protoss? Take one look at the Spear of Adun's power core and you'll know. It's a bona-fide Dyson Sphere around a synthetic star. The ancient Protoss were so advanced that they could build miniature stars to harvest energy from, and given how Protoss 'eat' sunlight for nourishment, this means it can also sustain the entire Arkship's population with its light
    • It is capable of manufacturing everything the Protoss can think of in such a scale that you won't even notice it when Shakuras is blown up. Remember: All those structures you are warping in were originally built on Auir for quick deployment. After Auir was lost, Shakuras became the new manufacturing hub. After it is blown up, only the Spear of Adun remains; and it is capable of rivalling the construction of an entire planet's worth of Higher-Tech Species engineers.
    • You might think an 'Arkship' would be little more than a glorified transport shuttle and engineering bay. Wrong. The Spear of Adun packs everything from highly maneuverable warp drives, to orbital lasers capable of glassing a planet, to a chronosurge that deca-tuples the flow of time for absurd production speeds, to reconstruction beams for repairs mid-fight.
    • The Spear of Adun is Made of Indestructium. This is a vessel capable of going up against multiple ambushing Terran battlecruisers and coming out victorious looking only a little worse for wear. Only the entire Golden Armada ramming it does any meaningful damage, but even that was still repairable (The vessel is back in shape in the epilogue campaign).
  • A retroactive one for the Terrans during their own campaign; Karax, an engineer from a race of super advanced aliens, is shocked that the Terrans were able to rig the Xel'Naga artifact to act as a weapon. He claims that the artifact was never designed to be used in such a way, but that didn't stop us from doing so.
  • Although she never engaged in physical combat, Rohana deserves serious kudos for single-handedly fending off Amon's influence for the better part of the campaign, even though she could have been free of him at a whim by severing her nerve cords. She not only held her own in a mental battle against an Eldritch Abomination, she did so voluntarily in spite of numerous mind rapes. In the end, she not only managed to kick Amon out of her body multiple times, (something Artanis couldn't accomplish even once) but also managed to wrestled some crucial information from his mind which helped save the day. Listen closely the first time Rohana forces him out of her mind; she made Amon ''scream''.
  • This scene as Artanis is about to overload the Xel-Naga Temple of Shakuras resulting in blowing it up is pretty awesome itself. After he overloads the temple, a bunch of Zerg overrun him. He manages to take them on, but he gets buried under a pile of Zerglings. He then channels Dark Templar energy to take out the rest of the Zerg right before the explosion occurs, with even an Unflinching Walk occurring. Artanis gets warped out fortunately.
    "But none of us are ever truly alone."
    • Further enhancing Artanis’s bravery is the fact that, thanks to Protoss teleportation tech, he could have fled the battle on a whim (something most rational beings would have done upon being buried under a living carpet of berserk zerglings). This is one Protoss who won’t leave a fight until he’s good and ready, numberless swarm be damned.
    • Furthermore, after this moment, Vorazun acknowledges that the feat that Artanis has performed is basically a hardcore version of a ritual that Dark Templar undergo to prove their readiness, meaning that Artanis has now become worthy of both the Khala and Dark Templar, much like Tassadar before him. Taking Zeratul's narration during the fight into account, this moment also serves as a Passing the Torch situation for Artanis, who was mentored too by Zeratul in the ways of the Nerazim, not to mention he's the last Protoss to ever perform the Shadow Walk ritual on Shakuras.
    • That "But none of us are ever truly alone." line above? That gets spoken after Artanis is buried under the pile of Zerglings, and it ends with him re-igniting his psi-blades through the skulls of two Zerglings before hurling the entire pile away. And he follows that by annihilating the remaining Zerg with a gigantic psionic storm. Authority Equals Asskicking indeed.
  • Kerrigan gets an Offscreen Moment of Awesome in the Xel'naga Temple on Ulnar. While she's shown struggling against a single hybrid, she later mentions that she's been fighting them for days. Kerrigan is now so powerful that the Hybrid, a race that canonically annihilates all opposition in their path and against whom the best solution before they can annihilate your entire army is the liberal, concentrated application of heavy firepower, are reduced to throwing as many Hybrid at the Queen of Blades as possible in order to wear her down through attrition and hope that, eventually, one of them gets lucky. Essentially the Hybrid were reduced to doing a Zerg Rush on the Queen of the Zerg.
  • Speaking of the Ulnar questline, these missions also give us the glory of Artanis and Kerrigan teaming up to make their way through the temple, and slaughtering entire armies of Hybrids, Tal'darim and Moebius minions of their own in the process, with no army to back them up.
    • The cutscene that precedes the mission. An exhausted Kerrigan is getting flung around by a Hybrid, but then Artanis leaps in and starts effortlessly picking the monster apart. And just when it looks like the Hybrid is about to make a comeback, Kerrigan gets her second wind, impales the Hybrid from behind with her psionic-charged wing blades, hoists it into the air and tears it in half. Bonus points for him watching as she gets hammered, as he clearly hasn't forgotten all she's done, and even holding his warp blade on her when she finally lands in a heap next to him before calmly walking into battle as if to say "relax, I got this one."
    • The cutscene at the end is plenty awesome as well. Both Artanis and Kerrigan succeed in reaching the Xel'Naga, only to find that they are all dead, at which point Amon forces a vision into Artanis of his new host body and basically telling Artanis that he will bring an end to all life in the galaxy. Artanis falls to the ground and the door opens behind them to the roar of the Hybrid, only for him to simply stand up and deliver this succinct reply, punctuated by igniting his psi-blade and Zeratul's warp blade.
      Artanis: My will is not so easily broken, Amon! The Firstborn shall fear you no longer!
  • The duel between Alarak and Ma'lash is one of the most creative, unique missions in the game, with great atmosphere. The two are dueling in an arena spanning the map, where the winner must drive his opponent back to the edge of a pit and knock him into it. By the laws of the duel, outsiders can't directly interfere, but they can lend their psionic energy to the duelist they favor to aid them. The mission thus amounts to the player providing an "escort" of units to lend their power to Alarak as he slowly beats Ma'lash back and eventually throws him to his death, while the Tal'darim aid Ma'lash to allow him to do the same.
    • After Ma'lash is thrown to his death in the Pit of Sacrifice, Alarak addresses the Tal'darim with a speech so awesome the Tal'darim were cheering for him after he finishes.
      Alarak: Tal'darim! By the Rite of Rak'shir, I am your Highlord! Listen and obey! Ma'lash promised you lies. There is no ascension. The Tal'darim will never be uplifted and become hybrid. Amon betrayed us, and for this, He. Must. Die!
    • Shortly before the ending cinematic, there's an awesome Badass Boast from Alarak.
      Ma'lash: Our master has already won, Alarak! You will lead our people to their doom.
      Alarak: You are right about one thing, Ma'lash: I will lead them!
  • Karax after the platform mission. He has to destroy the Moebius asteroid base without any real support and barely any minerals available for mining on the map. While the Protoss caste system would not allow Artanis to bestow the title of Templar on a mere engineer, Artanis basically says Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! and bestows the title anyway. Even Alarak seemed impressed by the feat Karax pulled off.
    • Karax transforms from a timid engineer to a confident commander within the span of a single mission. He even starts making badass boasts halfway through.
    Hybrid: DIE IN THE NAME OF AMON!!!
    Artanis: Karax, Moebius Corps' battlecruisers have just warped away from the battle!
    Battlecruisers: (drop out of warp next to Karax's forces)
    Karax: Yes, I believe I have found them. It is no matter, we will not be deterred.
    • And this is from "Salvation":
    Karax: Zerg detected approaching the southern entrance. Amon is probing our defenses, searching for weakness. Show him none!
  • Artanis gives some pretty awesome and much needed Shut Up, Hannibal! to Amon in this game, with this one being the best:
    Artanis: You are wrong. We are finally free to become something more, and you will not stop us. Brace yourself for the full might of the Firstborn!
  • Notice that while Amon talks / boasts a lot, his threats have little bite after the protoss are done with their objectives. After acquiring the Spear of Adun, the protoss are actually raking in victories that matter ( integrating the Purifiers, rescuing the Nerazim and allying with the Tal'darim). In short, the protoss are Punching Out their uplifter throughout the main campaign.
  • When Alarak takes a break from being a walking Funny Moment with all of his snarky trolling, he has these moments too:
    • His introduction aboard the Spear of Adun; he easily handles Vorazun and a hapless zealot, then when Vorazun traps him in an on-board mini prison, he simply breaks free as if it was nothing (not before offering a deal to Vorazun, however).
    • When Vorazun and Alarak fight their way through the Citadel of the Executor to destroy the psi-matrix power unit, they find the door to it is sealed, when Alarak has an idea and orders Vorazun to guard him while he charges energy. You're expecting him to charge power to break down the door, right? Wrong. He charges power and blasts a laser through the door into the power unit and obliterates it. Even Vorazun is stunned.
    • During the second-to-last mission, the optional objective is to secure three landing spots for the Nerazim, Purifiers, and Tal'darim. When the LZ for Vorazun's and Fenix's forces (the Nerazim and Purifiers, respectively) is secured, the two reply that they thank the Hierarch for the support and state that they will aid him. Alarak?
    Alarak: Amon's downfall is at hand... Tal'darim, your Highlord demands the Dark God's blood! Do not disappoint me!
    • And of course, during the final battle:
      Alarak: So, Amon intends to lay siege from all directions. Step forth, Dark One, and face Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'darim!
  • Three words. En Taro Artanis!
    • Double points for Artanis being the first ever living Protoss that is honored/addressed this way, because the phrase ("in honor of" in Khalani) usually reserved for dead legends among their race: Adun, Tassadar and Zeratul.
  • In the penultimate mission of the main campaign, the part when the entire freaking Protoss fleet, including Cybros, a.k.a. the Purifier Space Station (which has purged all Zerg life on Endion in one shot) fire their weapons on Amon's physical body to destroy it, sublimated by his pain scream. To be fair, he deserves this pain.
  • Prior to the final battle, Artanis gives a speech to the assembled Protoss that mirrors his speech in the Overmind's vision from "In Utter Darkness," and at times he directly quotes it. However, it's even more awesome here: in the vision, Artanis was giving the speech to the Protoss as they fought to the death against impossible odds; here, he gives it as they prepare to purify Amon from the Khala and free the rest of their race from his control.
    • It also serves as a complete counterpoint to how the Protoss began their struggle against the threat Amon presented in the original campaign, being divided among themselves as the Conclave would rather watch the Protoss fight fruitlessly against the Overmind and go into a civil war as a final desperate attack is committed by Tassadar just to buy Artanis and his people some time to survive and find refuge in the lands of their enemy only for their divisions to cause a second bloody civil war that resulted in the deaths of Fenix, Raszagal and Aldaris. Here they are more united than ever against the Zerg and Amon's forces and they will win and be free from Amon's control
    • For that matter, the final mission itself. It directly mirrors "In Utter Darkness" in terms of gameplay, with the player defending against endless waves of Zerg with the help from Protoss hero units, but the story is a complete reversal. The Protoss are defending the Keystone as it charges to expel Amon from the Khala, freeing the Protoss from him and dealing him a crippling blow that will basically shut down his plans for the time being.
    • And a Fridge Brilliance reason for why the final mission mirrors "In Utter Darkness" in terms of the Zerg being your enemies when Amon has demonstrated allies of all three races before and has the Hybrid. Except by this point, the Tal'darim are led by Alarak who has turned from Amon, Moebious Corpse' main base is destroyed and with it all Hybrid production facilities, and with the destruction of Aiur's psi-matrix the possessed Golden Armada can't warp back Aiur in large numbers, which is why they come in small waves, Amon throws what he has at you as he gets it. In other words, Amon is bombarding you with waves of Zerg because they're all he has left: all his other forces have betrayed him, been eradicated, or can't get there in time to help in a substantial way — and for that matter, between Shakuras and Endion, Amon's Brood isn't in the best of fighting shape either and have repeatedly been trounced already. This mission isn't about the Protoss mounting their final stand against impossible odds before they die — it's about Amon throwing waves and waves of Zerg at you in desperation, trying to break you before the Keystone charges up and spells his defeat.
    • Artanis gets more awesome right as the mission starts:
    Karax: Hierarch, the zerg surround us, but what of the Golden Armada? Disabling the psi-matrix delayed their return, but-
    Artanis: Amon will bring the full might of the Great Fleet to bear against us, of that there is no doubt. But we shall not break. We are the Daelaam, united as never before. En taro Adun! En taro Tassadar! En taro Zeratul!
  • The end of the main campaign also banished the notion that the protoss was a stagnant, Dying Race. The integration of the Purifiers meant that one does not even have to be of flesh and blood to be counted as protoss. The old caste system was abandoned, meaning now all Protoss can train as warriors. Also, with the abandonment of the Khala, the protoss become truly free, but will exercise their new-found freedom cautiously due to the mistakes of the past.
    Artanis: Together, we are strong!
  • The ending of the main campaign. Amon's banished to the Void, the Purifiers and Nerazim take up their rightful places as equals in protoss society, and reconstruction on Aiur is on at full speed.
  • The epilogue campaign has all three races entering the Void itself to get rid of Amon for good. Fighting him on his home turf is tough, but between the three races, they pulled it off. It was also an awesome subversion of the Not Quite Dead trope. Blizzard loves to bring "killed" villains back to life, and Amon had the perfect excuse of belonging to an entire race where Death Is a Slap on the Wrist. Given his importance to the lore and the certainty of a Starcraft III, he seemed a shoo-in for a Recurring Villain.Yet Raynor, Artanis, and Kerrigan refuse to put up with that crap, and go the extra distance to ensure that the bastard won't be coming back.
  • In the Epilogue chapter, Valerian sent his men into the freaking Void to help Raynor. At long last, the main terran faction finally established itself as being able to do good. Big good.
  • The confrontation between Stukov and Duran/Narud gives fans the exchange they've wanted for years, before Stukov personally deals the killing blow to the bastard.
    Stukov: Hello, Duran. Do you remember what you did to me?
    Narud: Stukov... you have come to gloat, haven't you.
    Stukov: No. I've come to say good night, you son of a bitch.
  • Kerrigan finally killing Amon for everything he's done. Considering that Amon is directly and indirectly responsible for EVERY tragedy in the series that his dark taint was largely to blame for Kerrigan's atrocities in Brood War and to a lesser extent Heart of the Swarm, it's great to see the villain finally fall for good at the hands of a mortal who became a god.
  • Pretty much all of the Co-op commanders get something particularly awesome:
    • Karax, once he raches an appropriate level, can have pylons, shield batteries, photon cannons and kaydarin monoliths all warp in instantly. At that point Karax no longer needs fighting units; a single probe is capable of warping in an entrenched position right on the enemy's doorstep in under ten seconds.
    • Artanis has the ability to warp in his forces instantly. Even Immortals, Reavers, and Tempests. He can have an entire army within seconds. Coupled with his innate ability to project a pylon power field anywhere with vision, he can instantly reinforce or launch attacks. Even better, his apex upgrade sets his supply count to 200. Forget constructing additional pylons, Artanis can just stockpile his resources and warp in a giant Protoss deathball on the enemy's doorstep.
    • Swann gets the Drakken Laser Drill as a heroic structure. You know, the drill from Wings of Liberty that could kill most anything in seconds? Swann gets it in every mission for free, and can upgrade it to not only have higher damage output, but to give it special area-of-effect abilities that can hit all the way from across the map. That's firepower rivalling Artanis' there, and remember that Artanis' special abilities are orbital bombardments from the Spear of Adun! As for his standing army, he's basically the classic "Marines Medivacs and Marauders" Terran with a twist. The twist is Humongous Mecha in the place of Red Shirts. Watching a gigantic death-blob of Goliaths and Thors (or later, just thors) rampage through enemy lines while science vessels beam endless healing and the occasional shield down, and any thor that actually does bite it just brush itself off and get back into the fray for a pittance of gas almost makes you feel sorry for the enemy. Almost.
    • Raynor gets to call down the Hyperion to mow down enemies, and it does a terrific job at that. Drop it on top of an enemy base, and that base likely won't be there for very much longer. Even better, the Hyperion still has the ability to perform short distance warp jumps, except that here the jump can take the ship all the way across the map, allowing it to potentially level several enemy bases in succession.
    • Kerrigan once again takes the field personally, and she's even more powerful than she was in the Heart of the Swarm campaign due to being able to take several abilities that were mutually exclusive in the campaign and use them in tandem while also allowing her units to do the same. Oh, and her ability from Heroes of the Storm to gain temporary shields upon dealing damage shows up here as well, making her very difficult to take down. And just as the icing on top, she gets Torrasque-strain Ultralisks to chew up anything she happens to miss.
    • Vorazun can call down Dark Pylons to cloak nearby units and buildings, and has various abilities augmenting cloaked units (including her Dark Templar, which combine the abilities of all three variants from the Legacy campaign). Combined with the ability to use the Spear of Adun to freeze all enemy units in time or suck them into a black hole, she can decimate enemy armies without ever giving them a chance to fight back.
    • Remember those ridiculously powerful Brutalisks and Leviathans from the campaigns? Abathur can turn any of his units into one of the two if it collects enough biomass (although only three of each). Of course, biomass on its own can make a unit ungodly powerful even if it doesn't gete to transform; combined with his Mend ability and Swarm Queens to keep units alive, he can potentially have an army of ultra-powerful Zerg that simply trample everything in their path, completely shrugging off the enemy's attempts to kill them.
    • Alarak gets the Tal'darim arsenal, including calling in the Death Fleet to lay waste to everything in its path. And unlike the other Protoss commanders, Alarak isn't watching from orbit. Instead, he marches into the fray himself and rips the enemy to shreds, empowered by his units, and so long as he has his servants to sacrifice, he will not go down. And then you get to his Ascendants, which can with a certain upgrade turn themselves into what is basically a single-Templar Archon with a spammable Yamato Cannon taped on.
    • Fenix note  enters Co-op in style. Not only does he come with three separate bodies, each with their own different abilities, but he commands a group of six Protoss champions. Every single one of those champions is a character seen previously, drawing from sources as old as the Nintendo 64 version of the original game (Taldarin), Enslavers (Mojo and Warbringer), and as new as Reclamation and the Legacy of the Void opening cinematic (Kaldalis), prologue missions (Talis) and the campaign itself (Clolarion). It really gives you the impression that you're commanding true heroes of the Protoss, each with their own unique abilities. And if any of them die, their AI personality can just jump into another body and get back in the fight.
    • Dehaka can be considered to be the most powerful hero in the game and that is saying something. He doesn't seem this way at first but give him some essence and he could solo bases himself. At his strongest he is incredibly difficult to kill, heals units that are close by, is a detector, and is big enough to Melee Attack Aircraft. And that is not including the New Primal Pack Leaders.
    • Tychus, fresh from an alternate timeline where he didn't get shot in the face, managed to patch things up with Raynor and put together a new Heaven's Devils squad to fight the good fight. Basically, the writers just went "screw canon, we're bringing Tychus back because he's awesome". Aside from the Devils, Tychus doesn't even have an army. Not that he needs one, because Tychus, four of his buddies, and one Odin can do just as much work as any other commander's army, charging into forces that outnumber them dozens of times over and coming out on top.
  • Even in the Prologue, Talis, a praetor who we only know for a short time, launches into a You Shall Not Pass! against the masses of Tal'darim and hybrid so Zeratul could escape the temple and go on to save their people before making a presumed Heroic Sacrifice, and as she does, in true, badass Protoss fashion, Talis looses a massive "FOR AIUR!", which almost blew out this troper's speakers.
  • Artanis wielding a Khalai psi-blade one one arm and a Narazim warp blade on the other and using them to kick ass represents the Protoss putting aside their petty differences to fight as one.
  • Pretty much all the co-op commander Pre Ass Kicking One Liner lines for their ultimate abilities:
    Raynor: I'm calling in the Hyperion! / Sendin' down the Banshees!
    Han: Surprise! Your present arrived!
    Horner: *triumphant music playing* Commencing fleet manoeuvres!
    Kerrigan: I've stunned the enemy! Kill them!
    Zagara: The Swarm descends!
    Abathur: Evolving Brutalisk. Threat maximised. / Evolving Leviathan. Sky will belong to Swarm. / Regeneration commencing. Will heal armies.
    Stukov: I call this the Apocalisk! See it in action! / The Aleksander flies again!
    Artanis: I am activating emergency shields! / Face the power of the Spear of Adun!
    Vorazun: I am stopping time, now! Be ready to attack!
    Alarak: I am as strong as any army! / *Evil Laugh* Witness the might of the Death Fleet!
    Fenix: Deploying onto the front lines! / Our enemies will burn! / The skies are mine!
  • Any time you use one of your co-op player abilities to come to the rescue of your partner. Whether its' calling down the Hyperion to shore up a defensive line, using the Purifier Beam to soften up an enemy attacking force or sending in your commander personally to cover a retreating force, it'll just reinforce the concept that you're not just working alongside each other, you're in this together.
  • When Fenix researches one of the AI personalities for the heroes fighting beside him in the co-op mode, he will introduce them in awesome fashion:
    Ah, Kaldalis. Among the bravest Zealots I have ever known!
    Praetor Talis, you have command of the Adepts!
    Taldarin's valor is eternal!
    Reactivating the Warbringer!
    Our enemies cannot hide from Praetor Mojo!
    Glory to Clolarion! Glory to the Purifiers!


  • While indeed the whole game itself presents an entire arsenal of awesome moments, it is even noteworthy that it brought back several Protoss themes from the first game in their remastered form.
  • Fans complained Protoss "unit under attack" responses were wimpy ("We cannot hold!" / "Fall back to the shadows!"). Legacy gave them suitably more badass lines ("We embrace the glory of battle!" / "Let our enemy know our fury!").
  • In melee, many units got improved, some with a touch of Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • The Battlecruiser is now able to perform tactical jumps just like the Hyperion demonstrated in Heart of the Swarm! You don't even need vision on your destination to use it, and it makes the Battlecruiser much less of a risk to invest in.
    • The Zerg Lurker made a return in LotV after returning in the Heart of the Swarm campaign, and now boasts a respectable siege range, plus bonus damage to armored targets, making it like a cross between the Impaler and Lurker from the aforementioned campaign.
    • The Protoss Dark Templar gained the ability to blink once you research the upgrade, much like the Dark Templar hero Zeratul.

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