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Yes, he just sliced a Star Destroyer in half. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

In General

  • THE ANIMATION. All of the episodes are positively beautiful to look at, especially in "The Duel"; at times it actually looks like a live-action black-and-white samurai film. But hey, guess that happens when you work with only the most high profile names in Japanese animation.
  • The lightsaber fights. ALL OF THEM. To get some specifics, read on.
  • The fact that this show got nominated for an Emmy! This is quite a notable achievement, due to fact that this is the first time ever that an Anime has been nominated for one!


The Duel

  • The Sith Bandit's lightsaber. Or more specifically the sheath which turns into a lightsaber umbrella!
  • How the Ronin wins the titular duel: after being thrown off a waterfall, he makes his way into the hidden shrine behind it, then plants his active lightsaber in the hands of a statue as a decoy. When the Sith Bandit rushes into the dark shrine and strikes the statue, believing it to be him, he abruptly comes up right behind her and stabs her In the Back with the previously-unseen second lightsaber built into the scabbard of his main one.
  • The Ronin, at the start of the fight, blocks the bandit's lightsaber with nothing but his bare hands and the Force, having not even drawn his own sword yet. Satele finally has some competition.
  • You gotta admire the fact that instead of begging for his life, the alien bandit orders his men to flee to safety. Even more impressive when his men decide that they'd rather avenge their leader than flee.

Tatooine Rhapsody

  • Let's face it, the episode is pretty awesome itself, but it's even more awesome considering it has the legendary Boba Fett. And where he goes, even more awesomeness follows. Even though Gee spends a good chunk of the episode giving him the slip, Fett winds up getting the drop on him. No matter how slippery his prey may be, he always gets his mark.
  • Jay actually manages to talk Jabba out of killing anyone in the end. How? By appealing to how profitable it would be for him to become the first sponsor of a soon-to-be galaxy-famous band.
  • The titular rhapsody itself. Star Waver manages to do a concert so epic, it gets the entirety of Tatooine watching them and enjoying their song, including even Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett themselves (and possibly even Obi-Wan Kenobi), which is what leads to the above moment of awesome as the crowd begs the band for an encore, which is what ultimately sells Jabba that sponsoring the band would be a good idea and decided to spare their lives. Admit it, you'd definitely wanna see Star Waver play at the next Super Bowl.


  • When Karre steals the Kyber crystal, he's almost immediately ambushed by a bunch of Stormtroopers. When they open fire on him when he refuses to return the crystal, Karre just stops the bullets and throws the Stormtroopers into a wall.
    • The troopers also deserve credit for sheer ballsiness. They are perfectly aware of what Karre is capable of, and clearly don't want to fight him, but ultimately try to take him down when reasoning doesn't work.
  • Am stopping Karre's X-wing from flying off with the Kyber crystal with just the Force, which ultimately turns into a tug-of-war between her and Karre for the crystal. As we saw with Anakin, this is what happens when Force-sensitive people are trained in the Force's power at a young age.
  • The climactic fight between Karre and Am. Over the top? Probably. Amazing to look at, especially for Studio Trigger? HELL. YES.
    • Am even fights Karre with six lightsabers at once, all of them capable of turning into whips. Karre still manages to hold his own against her.
  • And then there's the final blow. Karre strikes at Am with a gigantic lightsaber blade, as his ship is going to lightspeed (props to Am for even briefly managing to block that), and hits precisely enough to shatter the kyber crystal without killing her, while at the same time slicing her half of the Gemini Star Destroyer in half, Holdo-style.

The Village Bride

  • The bandit leader has the bride's sister at gun-point, ready to execute her for her attempted rebellion. She shuts her eyes right as he fires... only to open them again to see the blaster bolt stuck in midair. F, making herself known, throws the blast back at him, destroying his blaster.
  • After his ship is destroyed, the bandit leader grabs a second blaster and attempts to use Haru as a Human Shield, before frantically asking F if she's some sort of monster. F calmly ignites her lightsaber, responds "I am a Jedi", and then uses Force Speed to cross the distance between them and slice the leader's weapon hand off before he even has time to blink.

The Ninth Jedi

  • When the Jedi hunters show up at Lah Zhima's forge, he sends Kara to get the lightsabers to Juro, before calmly greeting the hunters like this was just a friendly visit. He barely even acknowledges their presence... until one of them tries to shoot Kara, causing Zhima to get up and deflect the bolt with his bare hand.
  • Kara managing to evade the hunter in the first half, before she finally faces him head-on on a frozen lake and destroying his bike with a single lightsaber slash.
  • The battle against the Sith acolytes. The Margrave, Ethan, and Kara all manage to hold their own (even the droid pilot compliments Kara's moves) until, one by one, the five Sith are all cut down, lying on the floor.
    • How the fight starts; when the Sith show their true colors (literally), the Margrave reveals himself within the droid who was looking after them the whole time. And when the oldest of the Sith lunges forward to attack Juro, he just Force-pulls his lightsaber from him, and as it glows a bright green, cuts the old man down.
    • The old Sith even says "Now, die, Juro!" before striking. Juro, after grabbing his lightsaber, was probably thinking two words; "You first."
    • Special note for the fate of Roden, the last Sith standing: He briefly manages to put Juro on the defensive with Force lightning, but is distracted when Kara attacks him. He tries to get a lunging strike on her, but Juro force pushes him into the pit illuminating the chamber, onto what turns out to be a giant kyber crystal, and he gets burned alive by the sheer power of the crystal. Juro nonchalantly grabs his pilfered lightsaber from the inferno.
  • Kara has an especially impressive showing, as she is the only participant in the battle, to never be at a disadvantage. This is even more awesome when you realize that Kara is essentially a novice going up against Duelists that are implied to have killed Jedi.
    • Also, Kara's lightsaber glowing a bright green after it has a clear color for the majority of the episode. At that point, you know that she EARNED her place as a Jedi.
  • The final scene truly feels like the beginning of a new story. The four jedi (and Kara's droid) leave the temple, illuminated from behind by the giant kyber crystal, and enter the Margrave's ship in slow motion. The camera pans out and slowly rotates, revealing that the temple is shaped like a lightsaber with an ignited blue blade. The Jedi are returning to the galaxy.


  • T0-B1 actually manages to hold his own against the Inquisitor, before finally defeating him.
    • CO3 turns into a rocket booster and attaches himself to Tobi, who flies at the Inquisitor and finishes him with a single slash.
  • The other robots gang up on the Inquisitor and attack him with their tasers. They're hopelessly outgunned but they gladly risk their lives to protect Tobi.

The Elder

  • The climax. Two masters of their arts going toe-to-toe. It may be brief, but between two expert warriors it would be.
    • After their first bladelock, the Elder tries to get one of his sabers under Tajin's guard to kill him with a horizontal strike. Tajin proves faster, grabbing the Elder's hand and taking his saber before destroying it with a simple slice.
    • While the Elder is distracted by Dan's thrown lightsaber, Tajin (who'd been busy blocking his Force Lightning) steps to the side, deactivates his lightsaber, and (before the Elder can do more than look on in shock) thrust the hilt towards his opponent's heart. The green blade emerges from his back a split second later.

Lop & Ochō

  • The duel between Lop and Ochō, especially when Lop utilizes the family lightsaber.


  • It's a villainous example: Masago reminds us of why the Sith are regarded as such cunning and cruel strategists. Being aware of Tsubaki's weakening willpower and after eroding his remaining will with a Breaking Speech about his fear of fate, she sets up a situation where he cuts down his beloved Misa by dressing her as one of her soldiers and thrusting her in his path where he cuts her down. At his weakest, Masago shows that with the dark side together they can save her even from a fatal lightsaber wound, which fully solidifies Tsubaki's fall from Jedi grace. Palpatine would probably be proud.