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  • The Scimitar appearing before the Enterprise-E.
    Picard: (grimly awed) She's a predator.
  • Picard proves that his clone doesn't know everything about what he's willing to do, as he rams the Enterprise straight into the enemy ship. Plus the Scimitar explicitly had 70% percent shielding remaining... the Enterprise's momentum still shredded them instantly, slicing through the hull and demolishing decks like they were paper. And this is purely with (weakened) impulse power; if they'd hit at warp speed, there wouldn't have been a shred of either ship left.
    • As well as escaping the Scimitar by flying a fighter through it.
    • Then, with the transporters offline, Data goes over to the enemy ship by jumping through the hole in the hull out into space to the other ship. Where he then dies, also awesomely.
    • Let's face it, with the odd exception, Data in the 'Trek movies was just one big, constant Moment of Awesome.
  • Shinzon, during his final battle with Picard. Picard impales Shinzon on a broken pole. Shinzon then pulls himself further along the pole he's impaled on towards Picard, to grasp his shoulders and tell him that he was happy to die along with him ("Our destinies complete.")
  • Troi gets one when she takes revenge on the Viceroy for his previous Mind Rape of her by using their Psychic Link to pinpoint his location - and therefore, that of the cloaked Scimitar - so they know what to target.
    Viceroy: No!
    Troi: Remember me?
    (cue Stuff Blowing Up)
  • Picard himself, from the moment he transports to the Scimitar. He single-handily manages to blast his way to the bridge, take out Shinzon's remaining crewmembers, and then Shinzon himself. While he didn't succeed in stopping the Thalaron matrix, that's really damn impressive for a man his age (74, if you're wondering).
  • Shinzon shows that he can be quite strategic instead of just charging in. After taking down one of the Romulan warbirds who had arrived to assist the Enterprise, he decloaks a part of the Scimitar, and takes off in the opposite direction, making the Romulans in the other warbird think his ship was damaged enough for his cloak to fail and that he was running. When the warbird gives chase and gets close, Shinzon immediately orders the Scmitar to fullstop, forcing the Romulans to change their trajectory to prevent crashing and leaving them completely exposed
  • The Romulans get one in that they even showed up, and then sent medical personnel and supplies to the Enterprise after it was all over, despite their own extensive damage/injuries.
    Picard: Commander, when this is over, I owe you a drink.
    Donatra: Romulan ale, Captain. Let's get to work.
    Picard: You heard the lady! Let's go to work!
    • After their displays of Worthy Opponent towards Kirk in The Original Series, Romulans in Next Generation were typically played as treacherous, untrustworthy backstabbers. Now alongside TNG's odd ducks who weren't portrayed as such, we see that the Romulan Empire still has people for whom honor holds value, a return to what originally made the Romulans such memorable villains in the first place (considering they only appeared in two episodes of TOS, and in one didn't even have their own ships, instead using Klingon ones).
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  • The starship combat in general was the most interesting, most involved, and most sensible in terms of execution since The Wrath of Khan. The transition to full-digital 3D allowed them to do a lot.
  • It's stated that one of the big differences between the Enterprise-D and E is that unlike the D, the Enterprise-E is geared more toward combat. After a glimpse in First Contact and Insurrection of what she could do in combat, it's satisfying to see what the Enterprise-E can do in a knock-down drag-out fight. Even more impressive is that the Enterprise takes more of a beating from the Scimitar that the Enterprise-D did in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and still stays in the fight.

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