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Star Trek features 50 years (or, over three centuries, if you prefer) of boldly going where no one has gone before, and doing it AWESOMELY...

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From it’s original run in the late 60s, Star Trek: The Original Series would be Vindicated by Reruns throughout The '70s that would slowly build a massive worldwide fanbase with it’s appeal towards progressive, utopian ideals and scientific exploration. The franchise would garner enough public interest to have it continue with a film series and eight more television shows produced all the way to Present Day becoming one of the biggest entertainment franchises in history (possibly rivaled only by Star Wars). Aside from over 50 years of content (admittedly, of varying quality), the franchise became remarkably influential in terms of civil-rights social reform and possibly, in some cases, technological development. The franchise would also serve as a career launchpad/Star-Making Role for countless beloved actors and creators.

When put into perspective, this all started from a "failed" TV show that lasted only 3 seasons. If that isn’t extraordinary, nothing is.

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