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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Moments pages.

  • In Volume I, Selena uses a sword while backflipping to cut Lamia's hair off. Rather than just take the fight out of her, this proves to be a wrench in Lamia's schemes to blame everything on Sunset, since the two having vastly different hairstyles results in an easy way to tell them apart.
  • The climax of Volume I is a near beat-for-beat recreation of the end of Rainbow Rocks, complete with the Sirens running for their lives.
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  • After hearing that Sunset has gone missing, a student at CHS says she hopes Sunset stays gone for her years of being an Alpha Bitch. Twilight responds by socking the other student in the jaw for it. Even if Twilight gets a day of detention for it, she thinks it was Worth It.
  • Rainbow Dash activiating her Super Speed at a track meet, going from last place to first place in an instant. Even with the crowd in Stunned Silence, it's announced that Rainbow's victory stands since ain't no rule that says a racer can't use magic to go faster.
  • The battle between the Spectacular Seven and Moondancer in the "Phoenix Rising" chapters.
    • When Scarlet Inferno attacks, Sunset enters into their collective consciousness with Scarlet Inferno, giving a "World of Cardboard" Speech about how her past may be hard, but it is her past, and she'll accept it, not running from it anymore.
    • Even though Moondancer has been amplified with dark magic thanks to the Archon Amulet and has the intent to kill the Spectacular Seven, that still isn't enough to overcome Sunset regaining her soul, activating a Golden Super Mode, and wailing on Moondancer without mercy, even managing to No-Sell Moondancer's strongest attack with The Power of Friendship.
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    • Sunset's second "World of Cardboard" Speech is pretty good too, complete with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
      Sunset: You can rip my soul out as many times as you like, but you don’t touch my friends.
      Moondancer: Such noble sentiments. But I know what you really are underneath that glamour of light.
      Sunset: No, I don’t think you do. Yeah, you’ve seen what I used to be. Maybe that’s all you want to see. But that isn’t me anymore! My name is Sunset Shimmer, and on behalf of my friends, I’m gonna kick your ass!

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