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  • Kaa in general in Adventures of Mowgli. Special mention goes to the Creepy Awesome scene where he hypnotizes the Bandar-Log.
    • Mowgli also deserves mention for fighting the Red Dogs and killing Shere Khan.
  • The Hare in "The Lion and the Hare" manages the trick the evil Lion into jumping into a well by convincing the beast that his reflection is another Lion.
  • The Hare in "Sporting Gun" tricks his enemy, the Hunter, into wiping out the two villains (a Fox and a Wolf) that took over his house.
  • Ivan managing to kill the three headed dragon and Koschei the Deathless in The Frog Princess.
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  • Gerda in The Snow Queen (1957) travels across harsh and dangerous lands just to rescue her brother. The titular antagonist appears impressed by this, even letting the children go without putting up a fight.
  • The young duckling in "Little Gray Neck" outsmarts the evil Fox that injured her and menaced her for a long time and tricks the predator into jumping into the water.
  • The titular Thrush in "The Fox and the Thrush" gets sick of the Fox threatening him and his family, and soon sends the villain stumbling blindfolded into a group of angry dogs.
  • "Elephant and Ant" stars a tiny ant who manages to bring down a bullying elephant.
  • The heroes of "Legends of the Peruvian Indians" managing to defeat Rikuai, a powerful mythical beast, is very impressive.