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  • Womble and Cyanide's mission of The Fairfax Residence in SWAT 4 shows what happens when the two break from their trolling and genuinely buckle down and work together, treating their mission with the utmost seriousness it deserves — described by Womble as going all "Silence of the Lambs as we try to arrest a suspected serial killer." The result is incredibly tense and cathartic.
  • Cyanide's Hot Girlfriend managing to get a kill alongside Cyanide in "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 4)", especially impressive because she and Cyanide were playing in tandem with each of them was controlling half of the computer (one had the mouse, the other had the keyboard), and also because it's evident she's basically had no experience with any kind of first-person shooter.
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  • In "Random Arma Bullshittery (Part 6)", Womble equips himself with a shotgun armed with Doomsday Rounds. He is initially mocked by his teammates since shotguns are worthless at the usual engagement range ("How's that shotgun working out for you?")... then they start fighting in an urban environment, where he kills 27 enemies, destroys several houses, and blows up A FUCKING TANK.
  • Most of the time, Cyanide's ideas are rubbish and usually end up getting his own team killed (e.g., continual bugging of Soviet to pick up a dropped AWP in CS:GO). In the first "Culling Bullshittery" video, though, he gets the idea of being the last one standing by stocking up on healing items and letting the poison gas in Phase 2 kill the remaining players. Womble at first thinks it's a terrible plan, but he goes along with it since the other teams are generally better at actual killing...and it works.
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  • The entire sequence in the first "Random Rust Bullshittery" where the clan heists a large enemy base is simply beautiful to watch. After approaching the base with stealth, they manage to bust into the base during a chaotic gunfight and begin raiding their inventory, but then get locked inside by the enemy players. Womble proposes that they use the metals they've managed to steal to make pickaxes to brute-force their way out the walls, and after several minutes of picking, they break through and successfully make a run for it, all while they're hollering and laughing in victory.
  • After a spate of people going between the streams of Soviet, Cyanide, and other ZF clan streamers demanding for them to play with each other or insinuating that they're not funny without each other playing together, Cyanide firmly but calmly calls those people out as being incredibly rude and, worse, that such demands could cause even a close group of friends to start resenting one another. Yes, Cyanide did that.
  • During "Random Space Engineers Bullshittery Part 2", the group decides to have a competition in Creative mode to see who can build the better starship and win in a naval battle. The results are quite epic, to say the least.
    • First off, the other team immediately foregoes building a starship, and simply adds thrusters and turrets to turn their own respawn platform into a battleship. It's equal parts ridiculous and amazing.
    • Cyanide and Soviet enthusiastically working together on a common design, which is a nice change of pace from their usual bickering. Also counts as heartwarming.
    • The final battle has a scale not unlike something from a Star Wars movie. Blasters, fighters, explosive mines, and ramming galore. The battle is tense with a very close victory for Cyanide, the only member of his team who managed not to get knocked out of the ship.
  • "Random Arma Bullshittery (Part 9)" is edited to tell the story of a well-meaning resistance and their gradual descent into villainy (and still manages to be funny).
  • After falling victim to a single knife charger in "Random Pavlov Bullshittery", Soviet manages to not only avoid getting suddenly knifed for the remainder of the episode, but puts them down quickly and efficiently, and even blatantly labels them as "knife ninja" with his editing powers. Bonus points for managing to pull this off in virtual reality.
    • Apparently, playing in VR results in Soviet becoming an order of magnitude more effective in combat, because interspersed between the usual fumbling and nonsense we’ve come to expect from ZF are scenes of him pulling off a flawless ambush and ‘‘annihilating an enemy squad‘‘.
  • Soviet and Cyanide playthrough the Master Chief Collection on Legendary, and for the most part do so well that Cyanide wonders if Soviet forgot to set it to Legendary. He didn't.


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