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Awesome / Sovereign Seven

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  • Violet, the proprietor of the Crossroads cafe, gets one in the very first issue. The Sovereigns and the Female Furies are smashing up the place in a battle, when Violet picks up the phone and makes a call. Seconds later, Darkseid shows up and calls off his servants, at Violet's demand!
  • Reflex has one dealing with Impulse, when the young speedster zips through Crossroads. Reflex dodges the kid several times, then, manages to tag him, causing Impulse to pinball through the street.
    • Then, afterwards, it's revealed that he was pushing himself to near literal burnout to keep up with Impulse but never let it on, simply dousing himself with snow after Impulse left.
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  • Another one involving Reflex is his handling of a bank robber. The man fired several shots into a crowd indiscriminately, and Reflex manages to catch every bullet. The man then turns his weapon on Reflex, only to discover that he's out of ammo. Reflex knocks him out cold with a solid punch to the jaw.