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Soul Eater: Troubled Souls is an up-and-coming fic that details the struggle of the students and faculty of Death Weapon Meister Academy against threats new and old. In other words, expect to read about many awesome moments each arc.

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Act 1

     Introduction Arc 
  • The climax of fight against the Brother and Sister of the Gemini. Maka bravely fights the both of them and shows utter defiance when cornered. Then, Caius comes along in her time of need and the two get straight to work. However, as this is their first time fighting together, they still cannot manage to get the upper hand. However again, despite being total strangers, Maka convinces Caius and Claudia to use Chain Resonance and it works, resulting in the destruction of monsters.
  • Near the end of the arc, Maka, Caius, Soul, and Claudia are faced with Cancer's experimental creature, Project Omega, and are facing even more trouble than before. What starts with a Heartwarming Moment immediately chains into a Moment of Awesome: Maka and Caius successfully use Joint Resonance! Because this is the first time it's being used, the debut of technique does not disappoint. The power it exudes causes Project Omega to malfunction, leaving it utterly helpless as Maka and Caius dismember and bifurcate it.

     Joint Resonance Training Arc 
  • The Joint Resonances we see. Every single one of them runs on Rule of Cool. It's no wonder everyone apparently passed.

     Cobra Island Arc 
  • The climax is one. The heroes rally from their Darkest Hour to turn their bleak situation around. Slowly but surely, Medusa’s plan crumbles.
  • What steals the climax is Crona confronting Medusa one-on-one, confidently, without fear, and with Ragnarok in his/her corner. Shy, meek, fidgety Crona getting ready to stick it to Medusa.

     Chicago Gang Arc 
  • Tsuji and Marcellus vs. Walena contains a lot of these.
    • The simple fact Tsuji is back in action is one in and of itself. Then, Marcellus drops a pre-battle Badass Boast that's sure to get you hyped.
    • The midpoint of the battle, Tsuji gives a few Laos a Death Glare that makes them back off. That just screams badass.
    • The end of the battle where Tsuji hits Walena with a roundhouse that's sure to make Chuck Norris himself proud. Orlok's Wrath, a Roundhouse Kick that ignites Tsuji's leg with hellfire, hits Walena with such remarkable force that it shatters the windows, cracks the floor and walls, completely destroys Walena's throne, and blows the doors clean off their hinges. Best of all, Walena is nowhere to be found after she's hit. Either she got sent flying into the sky or she got vaporized on the spot. Either way, a pretty nice finish.


Act 2

     Monotone Princess Arc 
  • In Chapter 6: Although Gigant went down quickly like Killbell and Nals before it, it's a good feeling to see Hiro land his first kill. Even better, this was with a bog-standard rapier!
  • Chapter 6 again, the fight on the bridge:
    • Anel provides a villainous example in Awesome Moments. He isn't intimidated by two of the most powerful meisters in the school and calmly fights them to the best of his ability, which involves conjuring cool and powerful Chinese figures. When he's forced to fight close-range, he doesn't hesitate, and mind you, Kid and Black Star have demonstrated close-combat power rather handily in this story and in the source material. The cherry on top? He even takes out Black Star! Imagine if Kid never unlocked his first Line of Sanzu on Cobra Island. The Summoning Mage could've beat them both cleanly.
    • Kid stole the fight. At one point, Fenghuang snatched Kid up into the sky, so he uses his skill in Beelzebub to outmaneuver it and then lands a leg drop that sends it crashing. When he connects his line, he uses Death Claw to repeat the feat except against two of Anel's summons.
    • Of course, one can't forget a small but kickass moment. After her meister is knocked unconscious, Tsubaki decides to not to stand idle and helps Kid. She uses Smoke Bomb Mode to get Lei Gong and Fenguang off of him, she throws shuriken to distract them so Kid can pull off Death Cannon, and she uses ninjato to briefly fight Anel! He can't even touch her and has to be bailed out by a summon. A fine moment for Tsubaki fans to enjoy.


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