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  • Jim Cummings' collective performance as Robotnik may serve as one for the entire series. Previously and since, Robotnik/Eggman tends to be portrayed as a buffoon with the occasional "Not-So-Harmless Villain" moment, but Cummings' gravelly, near-orgasmic acting (and, to their credit, most of the writers) made him a real force to be reckoned with.
    • As well as adding his iconic wacky voice acting into the mix when it was suitable ("SNIV-LEY-EY-EY-EY!!!!").
  • A meta-example in that the Green Aesop this show gives off is different from others of its kind in that it doesn't beat you over the head with it.
  • Tails gets one in "No Brainer". Sonic's been brainwashed by Snively, who is on the verge of finding Knothole's location. The only thing that can restore his memory is a power ring, but Sally points out that the next one is due in two minutes and that they'll never get to it in time. Tails chimes in that he can and immediately flies off to get it. And he succeeds (remember that he's one of the few characters that can keep up with Sonic).
    • It should be worth noting that Snively came closer to finding Knothole than Robotnik did.
    • Sonic evading SWATbots while enjoying a chilli dog is pretty cool. As is freeing a group of Mobians from a Robotisiscer while going to get his Trademark Favorite Food, even if it did lead to him getting captured.
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  • In "Blast to the Past: Part 1", Sonic and Sally travel back in time to thwart Robotnik's revolution against the kingdom of Metropolis and prevent the downfall of Mobius' monarchy. Due to a slight mess up on Sonic's part, they arrive too late to stop the attack and find themselves at Robotnik's mercy when he announces himself to King Maximillion. This scene follows, ending on a cliffhanger...
    Robotnik: Greetings, sire.
    Max: Julian?!
    Robotnik: Your majesty, members of the royal court, heh heh... welcome to Robotropolis, the capital of my kingdom. Ahahahahahaha! Heh heh heh.
  • Sonic getting the Smart Ball for once in "Sonic And The Secret Scrolls", acting as the more cautious team mate to Sally and the others and eventually saving them once their plane fails. This is also arguably the one moment he gets Sally to admit she was wrong in a situation, and he revels in it gleefully.
    • Actually the same happened in "Drood Henge". Arguably more cathartic since this was an instance Sally was calling out Sonic for being reckless (again) for taking Tails in a mission. A CMOA comes from both Sonic and Tails, as Sonic not only takes a risk and makes it work for once, but it's actually due to Tails creating an elaborate plan to deceive Robotnik from finding a power stone before them.
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    • "Drood Henge" is Tails' best moment in the series. He effortlessly disables a surveillance orb with a tree branch, shuts sown power station and comes up with the plan to create a false power stone to fool Robotnik. When he gets captured, he shows no fear of Snivelly, unlike Antoine. And he finally gets made a full Freedom Fighter at the end, after spending much of the series being treated like a kid. It's such a damn shame that the series was cancelled just as he was finding his potential as a character.
      • One plan for the unmade third season would have seen him save the Knothole Freedom Fighters on his own. Oh, that would have been sweet.
  • In "Hooked on Sonics", Robotnik is tricked into falling into a trap by Antoine! That's right, freaking ANTOINE successfully tricked Robotnik into a trap of his own design! Granted, it didn't successfully hold Robotnik for long but the fact that Antoine was able to trap him at all is something of an accomplishment for him.
    • Also in the same episode, the opening scene with Sonic defeating Robotnik's massive machine by tricking it into destroying itself.
  • Antoine gets to be useful for once in "Spyhog" when he saves Sally from being caught by SWATbots due to her magnetic suit failing.
    • In the same episode, even after he's almost broken down from Snively cooking escargot with MAAAARGARIIIIIINE, he's outright begging Sonic to take him back in retaliation. He looks like he's just about ready to rip Snively a new one!
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    • Earlier in "Sonic Boom", Sally and Antoine are crossing the bridge to Ironlock Prison. When the bridge collapses, Antoine immediately saves Sally from falling to her doom. Even for someone as cowardly as him, the princess' safety comes first.
    • In "Fed Up With Antoine", Antoine saves Sonic from one of the Nasty Hyenas by doing a flying karate kick.
  • Bunnie gets a Big Damn Heroes moment in "Sonic and Sally" by taking down Robo-Sally with a flying kick. Later on, she and Rotor successfully destroy a SWATbot factory.
  • "The Doomsday Project" as a whole gets one for its absolutely stunning, intense, and satisfying climax. The editing, the animation, the music, the acting, everything about it was incredible. Major props to Jim Cummings for giving out one of the best performances he's ever done for the show as he expertly portrays a Madness Mantra for Dr. Robotnik's final moments.
    "I really hate that hedgehog...! I hate him...! Hate him! HATE HIM! Hate! Hate! HATE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!"
    • Snively gets a small one: Robotnik doesn't let him in his emergency escape pod once things take a turn for the worse. That's okay, because Snively prepared ahead of time and had an underground bunker ready for a time like this. Robotnik's escape attempt ultimately failed. Snively's succeeded.
    "You don't give me enough credit, Julian."


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