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  • Sonic's origin has him live up to name by breaking the sound barrier and giving the gift of sapience to Miles, turning him into Tails.
  • Fang's beatdown of the Chaotix in their origin with just a single silverware set, his bare hands and some shocks from his bike. They learned the hard way that his notoriety is not for show. No wonder they have nightmares of him. It went as follows:
    • Ray had a knife stabbed right through his hand, scalding hot soup poured onto his face and then had his head smashed repeatedly on the table until his teeth are flying out and is rendered unconscious. He then proceeds to say this line:
      Fang:This just gets better and better, because if you really HAD done your homework, lads… Then you would know that I don't NEED my guns to kill someone. So long as I can fit something into my hand, I'm never without a weapon!
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    • He then proceeds to throw his silverware (a knife, a fork and a spoon) with such force that it bounces of the walls and objects in the dining area that and lands on his intended targets. The fork stabs Charmy in the wing and pins him to a wall. The knife stabs Bark in the knee which trips him right into the wall of paintings, dropping them on his head knocking him out. The spoon gagged Vector, choking him and giving Fang an opening to punch him in the chest and then send him flying with just a single tail smack right into a wall, knocking him out.
    • When Mighty spindashes toward him, Fang uses the spoon he got back from punching Vector in the chest to redirect him into a wall.
    • When Heavy, Bomb and Bean prepare to attack him, he simply used his bike to disable Bean by sending him flying via ramming speed, use cables to pull Heavy over Bean and then set off Bean's detonator while he is under Heavy, which was later finished off by electric shocks from his bike's cables. As for Bomb, he casually spits out his fuse and punts him right into Charmy, sending them both flying out a window.
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    • Mighty recovers just in time to try to spindash him again. Fang's response? Rip out his over-sized teeth which is an explosive and throw it at him, sending him flying onto Bark who was just regaining semblance to knock him out again. He then proceeds to beat the utter crap out of Mighty.
    • Finally, he casually backhands Espio who was trying to sneak up on him.
      • The kicker? He wasn't at his best as the Chaotix softened him up for the ambush by stripping him of his weapon stash. Team Dark even immediately states that Fang is still leagues above them. Fang essentially just scared a vampire princess and two one-man armies into chasing him another day with just this one re-enactment!!! He has come a long way from being a one-off character in an obscure spin-off, and should he ever be allowed to use his real guns and the censors were removed, it's safe to say that the entire roster will be put six-feet under.
      Tails: Yeah, now I'm really glad we didn't let him use real guns during the tournament.
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  • Mighty managing to save the world even when in a coma. He was able to keep with heroes from other franchises and put an end to a universe-spanning nightmare.
  • Sonic's response to Cthulhu?
  • After going into a Heroic BSoD regarding his race and how they wiped themselves out, who snaps Kunckles out of it? Shadow!!! Also counts as Heartwarming.
    Shadow: So what if you're a member of a species which has, throughout history, been almost predominantly evil or at the very least colossal jerks? So what if your father was a madman who wiped out his entire species in a fit of pique? Have you forgotten that I, too, have such a heritage? (Pointing to himself) Half of my genetic material comes from the evil overlord of an alien race, which destroyed entire planets to sustain themselves. My other creator went insane and tried to destroy the world, using ME as a weapon to do so! My only other living relative is the greatest madman and terrorist in recent memory! But have I let that define me? No! I chose to forge my own path, and define my identity with my own two hands! I am Shadow the Hedgehog, because that is who I CHOOSE to be, not because others tell me to be! Now tell me, echidna… Who are you? A member of a wicked race? The son of a genocidal maniac? The Guardian of the Master Emerald? A hero? A friend? A lover? An ally? Choose! WHO ARE YOU?
    Kunckles:I… I am Knuckles the Echidna. I am the last of the echidnas… The Guardian of the Master Emerald… Boyfriend of Rouge, friend of Sonic and Tails, and many others… I… I am a hero. This… This is who I am, who I choose to be!
  • Gladius aka Gemerl was indeed a civilization destroyer and has a terrifying record to prove it, and Sonic is more than happy to mention that he sent it to the scrapheap on a casual day twice. Summed up here:
    Sonic: (On a subject for a failsafe)Easy, they could've called me in, considering that I beat him both times he was at his peak.
    Kunckles: You weren't even born then.
    • Speaking of Gladius, he fought off a world-ending Eldritch Abomination that was created to kill him to a draw. Which puts Sonic's feat of pulverizing him on a whole new league of its own.
  • Rouge with Team Dark's help ran an entire country in civil war without breaking under the strain. To cap this off, they had to save the world during that time, proving that not everything revolves around Sonic.
  • Blaze managing to keep Iblis in check for so many eons despite losing everything until her drive to suppress it is all that is left of her by the time she fails. Even then she went through hundreds of worlds colliding and she manages to still keep her sanity and consciousness through sheer willpower alone. Her prison sentence on the other hand....
  • The penultimate phase before Blaze's fight with Red Pine.
    • She opens with a punch that forces him to let go of his hostage, Honey the Cat, sending him flying into a building in a span of a second.
    • When the Inves got involved, even her presence can inspire fear in their instincts, despite the source material stating otherwise. Blaze then proceeded to fight the Inves horde, they never stood a chance.
  • Blaze's fight with Red Pine. It is pretty much a high-tier fight of strength and wits and a lot of Xanatos Speed Chess is involved. By the way, this is just her first fight!!
    • In response to his Inves army, she proceeds to summon her own army of lava monsters, not that she needed their help much.
    • Upon isolating Red Pine, he proceeds to create his Boss Room. Blaze's response? Create her own to override his!!
    • Red Pine proceeds to make a fruit-themed Kamen Rider transformation. Instead of making the fight look stupid, it made Blaze turn off certain fruits for a very long time.
      Cream:I don't like pineapples, I much prefer grapes, or melons, or bananas.
      Blaze:It took me a very long time to like ANY of those after this…
    • Blaze proceeds to use her initial confusion to question Red Pine about the choice of his weaponry in order to learn about the other generals weapons.
    • When the showdown finally begins, Red Pine lives up to his title as one of the Four Heavenly Generals by averting Tactical Suicide Boss and Boss Arena Idiocy, turning him into a That One Boss despite narratively wise, he is the Starter Villain.
      • When Blaze uses one of Helheim's victims to trap his flail and hit him with a Fire Claw, he proceeds to destroy all the trees in the area to stop her from using the tactic again.
      • Upon using his flail's snapback to hit him, he immediately set spikes on the chain to prevent her from grabbing it.
      • His pattern is filled with feints and constant teleportation, legitimately making things difficult for Blaze. However, in this constant teleportation, she noticed that he can't fly, so she turned the entire floor into lava to limit his options.
      • In response, Red Pine proceeds into his Puzzle Boss phase. He opens a several dozen cracks in the area and throws his flail into one of them so that it would build up momentum and finally attempt to hit Blaze with the half a dozen cracks surrounding her. After dodging it, she immediately tries to follow the crack to reach him only for it to shut in her face. The second time, she manages to enter the crack that was supposed to lead back to him...only to fall back to where she started instead since he randomized the cracks every time he opened them.
      • How do she figure out which crack is the correct one? She creates mini fireballs in different colours and hurls one into each of the cracks surrounding her and then jumping into the one that had gone all the way to Red Pine, scoring another hit.
      • When Red Pine thinks enough is enough, he proceeds to enlarge his weapon to the size of the entire arena and proceeds to drop it right on Blaze. This time, she actually has a very high chance of losing as the weapon doubled in size the moment she showed signs of actually pushing it back. However, as she is losing, she heard a voice that tells her that is that the way to go? Cue Heroic Second Wind and her minions coming in to help throw the 2x arena-sized weapon back at him, who is too exhausted by enlarging his weapon to move, effectively crushing him.
      • The kicker? After all this, he's still alive!!!
  • In the midst of all the chaos in the battle, Cosmo never let go of her last retainer for safety. Avoiding getting caught in the crossfire and emerging relatively unscathed while supporting an injured person the entire time is no small feat.
  • During the second hostage situation with Honey, Honey was indeed scared but in proud defiance for a moment, she proceeds to state what made her risk getting caught again in the first place.
    Honey: B-because… Because I… Because I wanted to… Because I wanted to see you rip the bastard who destroyed my home and killed everyone I love to pieces with my own eyes.
    • To save her, Blaze immediately deduced that although Red Pine will follow through with his threat of killing Honey and escape, if he really did do it, he will lose the one thing that is stopping her from destroying him. She proceeds to play his bluff and acted as if she is going to shoot Honey. Throughout the entire exchange, Honey's expression became unblinking and calm even in the face of death.
      Blaze: Please. If you were going to kill her, you would've done so by now… Because we both know the truth: the instant she dies, so do you. And for all your talk about being a brave and mighty warrior, you're terrified of dying, aren't you?
      Red Pine: Th-that's-
      Blaze: Child, what is your name?
      Honey: Honey. My name is Honey.
      Blaze: Honey. That is a fine name. Tell me, Honey, right now, what do you want more than anything in the world?
      Honey: (face hardening)For the bastard holding me to die a painful, horrible, agonizing death.
      • After being saved:
      A single ember, a spark of darkness, was cast-off from the roiling inferno as it burned down, alighting upon the cat's cheek and causing a black blaze to form… But she did not flinch, just as she had not flinched, or even blinked, when the orb of pure Destruction looked as if it had been about to strike her. Blaze found her heart swelling with admiration as she gazed upon the kitten, sensing a kindred spirit in the half-breed. She's going to do great things, she realized. But she's going to need some help to get there. I think I might be up for the task, though.
  • Sagara's debut. His very presence alone actually made Blaze by extension, Iblis and Honey to feel ABSOLUTE FEAR!!! Considering who he really is and for the benefit of those in the audience who know, it is definitely not unfounded.
    Blaze:(barely stopping herself from trembling)Who are you?!
  • Cream defeating Goblin King Jared and becoming the Empress of the Chao. She even considers it an everyday occurrence and never gave it a second thought until Espio asked how she would get Chocola Chao.
  • Cream's HUGE capacity of love for her family and her idealism, or more importantly how she stayed that way despite how screwed up it is. Kunkles blowing the lid on her mother may have put an end to that though...
  • Cream's bodyguards live to their name and pay by being under the noses and sensors of the entire cast the entire time!!
  • Each Emerald adventure is an example by it self. Blaze had to:
    • Destroy the High Elves with an alliance of fairies and Wood Elves, ending their reign of terror over them.
    • Shame the Dwarf kings for denying a dragon death whose life is way past its natural duration and defeating Yellow Zelkova.
    • Ended a mad whale god and stopped him from destroying Mulantis.
    • Stopped the phoenixes from using the emeralds gathered so far from wiping out Helheim by simply killing everyone on the surface and that was after defeating Pale Bayleaf and getting his emerald.
    • Destroy the corrupt nobility of the Drow, being crowned matriarch and getting the 5th emerald. Her very presence stops them from reverting back to their old ways.
    • Destroying the Wendigoes in the frozen north, making it thaw for the first time in ages, getting the 6th emerald in the process.
    • Stopping Black Narcissus from turning the undead into Inves and destroying his One-Winged Angel form with the combined efforts of her, Honey and the Lich Queen, claiming the last emerald.
  • Blaze's Patrick Stewart Speech to Dark Oak about her ideology.
    I, on the other hand, intend to change the things that MADE them evil or cruel or selfish or indolent. The Drow, for example, were evil and wicked and wretched not because it was their inherent nature, but because their malicious deity put them into a society that pretty much FORCED them into being awful people, and given the chance to try things differently, in a less repressive society, I believe they would've turned out far differently. Even the High Elves, despite the atrocities they've committed, might have been different had their society not been so steeped in Glamour, narcissism, and self-glorification, reinforcing their belief that they were the only people that mattered, and I would like to think that now that I've more or less destroyed their civilization, some of them may be able to see things clearly for the first time and realize there was another way. I intend to do the same on a global scale… I will tear down the broken and dysfunctional regimes and governments and societies which reward cruelty and greed and crush the weak, replacing them with more healthy systems promoting growth and change, inspiring people to become better rather than staying in the same, tired rut they've been in for millennia, constantly ground down by the wheels of the world. I'm aware that this may not work for everyone – the wendigos, after all, were irredeemable evil spirits, and I'm certain there are other places and people like them out in the world who simply cannot, will not be saved, and then, of course, there's *shudder* the whales– but I shall do my best to help everyone else.

    "Those who seek to join me in fulfilling my vision of a united, peaceful world will be welcomed with open arms. Those who seek to destroy me or hurt the people I care about and am sworn to protect I will break without remorse. I shall be both savior and destroyer, liberator and conqueror, bringing hope with one hand to those who need it most and death to those who stole that hope away with the other. And then, once I'm through, a new world shall be born… One where people of all races and species and creeds can live together in peace and strive for a brighter future. One where nobody will be feared or ostracized or… Or sealed away or banished for being different. One where…" The familiar image flashed before her eyes, of a kitten alone and crying in terror… Though by this point Blaze couldn't tell what color its fur was. It didn't really matter. "Where a little girl doesn't have to cry alone and know that nobody is coming to help her! That is the world I seek to create!"
  • Blaze uses the We Can Rule Together back at Dark oak while calling his 'in too deep' argument to be cliched since if she destroys him, it will still be for nothing.
  • She then proceed to see through Cosmo's sleeper agent mode by the courtesy of Sherlock Scan. She had clues that gave her suspicion.
    • Cosmo's story about escaping never went into specifics.
    • When asking Damil, he was actually baffled as to how Cosmo managed to escape.
    • After Red Pine, no one wanted to capture her back to her father.
    • Finally, Dark Oak's explanation on how Blaze is the rival he needs to defeat to trigger the Golden Fruit put the pieces in place.
  • Cosmo's unyielding trust in Blaze to the extent that she let Blaze rip out her right eye which had a bomb behind it without hesitation of flinching.
    • After that, there is this exchange:
      Blaze: Cosmo? How are you doing?
      Cosmo: I've been better. ( covering her empty bleeding right eye socket) Don't worry about me, though. Focus on taking care of my father!
  • The entire 5-phase fight with Dark Oak and Eggman Nega
    • Phase 1
    • Phase 2
      • Dark Oak's Difficulty Spike taken Up to Eleven as he immediately jumps straight to using the Kiwami Arms with the essence of one of the seeds of the previous Golden Fruit in it, in which the Battle Aura alone is strong enough to force Blaze into using all her power just to stand. Cue Gaim's aka Kouta's Big Damn Heroes moment by aiding Blaze.
      Dark Oak: I will be able to change the world completely. With this strength alone, I could lay waste to nations… Can you match it, Blaze?
      Gaim: And you will not be alone in your efforts!
      • It turns out that Gaim brought his own army and his family to help out.
      • The entire 2v2 fight:Blaze and Gaim vs Dark Oak and Eggman Nega in the Nega Egg Dragon. It's better to read it yourselves since it's easier to count the times that it isn't awesome.
      • Blaze rejects the offer of the Golden Fruit and uses her destruction ball on it, stopping Helheim's incursion and handing Dark Oak a complete defeat that made all his actions All for Nothing. She has indeed lived up to her words before the fight began.
    • Phase 3
      • Blaze and Gaim rallying their armies to face the Final Mova.
      • Blaze coming up with her Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
      Blaze: This is how your world ends!
    • Phase 4 and 5
      • Upon sensing the Undying Loyalty if her family and army, she has this to say:
      Blaze: Well, we shouldn't disappoint our audience, then, should we, Iblis?
      Iblis: Let's give them a show worthy of a legend!
      (Enters Burning Blaze with the Sol Emeralds)
      • How does she finish the fight for good? Summon a physical avatar of Iblis and proceed to do a Combination Attack on it, imploding it.
  • Sticks' entire life is a giant CMOA:
    • Survived in the wilderness for years while still being a child.
    • Fought in 2 separate wars.
    • Withstood prison and torture spanning months on 2 separate occasions.
    • Saved an underwater civilisation.
    • Got chosen to be a Dominion.
  • How she got into Team Sonic in Sonic Boom: She proceeds to help the walrus baby, get back an old lady's purse from a snatcher, cut an opening ceremony ribbon, push the audition ad to Vector's face which would make him the successful person he is in present, opening up actual food in Meh Burger and knocking off an ice cream that Eggman was going to steal with a single boomerang throw. Becomes a CMOF when she fails at the last moment by not being able to catch her boomerang back and making it hit Knuckles.
  • Chapter 13 ends with Fang bypassing the security and the senses of the characters to reveal himself in front of the cast. Talk about a first impression. Unless you are the Chaotix, then it is pretty much a massive Oh, Crap! as well.
    • Chapter 14 follows up on it by having him make the entire cast including Cream's bodyguards stand down with just a hostage threat and a display of his powers.
  • Cream's OOC moment in response to Fang's threats. Everyone is startled that she would have such a spine in her.
  • The Bar Brawl that is one giant shootout between the Gunslinger and the rest of the bar patrons excluding Fang. The demonstration of the six impossible feats that make the Gunslinger a fearsome force of nature.
    • First: The ability to reload instantly without needing to carry actual ammo.
    • Second: A Spider-Sense in the idea to be so attuned to the way of the bullet that none can hit you. Despite being literally in the middle of a hailstorm of bullets, there wasn't a single mark on him.
    • Third: To turn any objects in their hands into a weapon. He proceeds to smash a glass in fragments and proceeds to flick the fragments of glass in the split second they were in the air, sending them shooting across the room in a series of vectors which embedded them in eyes, mouth, throats, noises, groins, and other inconvenient spots, causing over half a dozen of the patrons to collapse, dead before they hit the ground.
    • Fourth: To hit any target, no matter where you're aiming at.
    • Fifth: To kill the target regardless where it was hit.
    • Sixth: To weaponize the Death Glare, killing on sight without lifting a finger.

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