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  • William blackmailing Littlefinger into funding the Legions... after finding out (at age 9) how much money Littlefinger has been fleecing off the Crown's Treasury.
  • Barristan Selmy and Delphine fighting in Cloud Ruler Temple. It's the first time in the story a Blade is seen fighting, and it is worth it. And William steps between them to force them to stop fighting.
  • Robert outsmarting his wife and Kevan Lannister (and, by proxy, Tywin Lannister) when he announces he will have William foster... in Winterfell.
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  • The 2nd Battle of Long Lake: the Legions prove their worth when two Legions (about 4800 soldiers each) and a few thousand Northmen cavalry manage to defeat a wildling army thrice its size.
  • Daenerys discovering she can use Dragon Shouts.
  • William forces his mother and brother to back off from trying to have Nymeria or Lady killed by pointing out that Joffrey has been lying about what happened at the river.
  • William wins in the Tourney of the Hand, unhorsing Jaime Lannister after letting his uncle hit him twice (Arya wanted him to prove he loved her) and then winning against Sandor Clegane, fighting through the pain of a couple of broken ribs.
  • Jon's Rousing Speech to the Night's Watch recruits when Thorne tries to justify having Sam attacked.
  • Legate Ulfric busting in just in time to order Tyrion's release, and then winning the Trial by Combat when Lysa Arryn forces it to go through.
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  • Daenerys finally gets back at her brother for the years of abuse by Shouting a fireball at him, both hurting him and proving he is not truly a dragon, and then telling Drogo that it is not even worth the time to have him killed.
  • Robert deciding to the best thing as a king and naming William his heir to the crown while in his deathbed.
  • When Cersei Lannister sends ten men to arrest her, Delphine considers it an insult and defeats them, allowing her to save Syrio Forel.
  • Forty Legionaries fight the Gold Cloaks even though they are outnumbered to give William and the others enough time to leave King's Landing. They take 160 Gold Cloaks with them.
  • Khal Drogo vs the Ebony Warrior.
  • The Battle of the Whispering Woods, which is even a greater victory for the North than in the books.
  • He may have died from his injuries, but Khal Drogo manages to kill three Dremora Lords, when killing just one without any special abilities is a great feat.
    • At the same time, Farengar Secret-Fire curbstomps Ruma Camoran, who only survives because she managed to escape via portal.
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  • Bran discovering he can use magic.
  • The Battle of the Two Bridges, where the Lannister army led by Tywin gets its collective ass handed to him by William's troops.
  • The operation mounted by Will, Arya and the Blades in just a couple of days to save Ned Stark. Unfortunately, although they get him out of the city, Ned dies from his injuries.
  • Sansa tells Joffrey to his face that she hopes Robb and William will give her his head. And then deciding she will not take any more crap from him or Cersei, which is enough to earn her Sandor's respect.
  • The Battle of Pennytree, where Gregor Clegane is forced to run away after losing most of his raiding force.
  • Theon calls out his father and sister for being stupid enough to think defeating the Legions will be easy, and then leaving to warn his friends, killing two Ironborn and knocking his sister out on the way.
  • Jon, Sam, Grenn and a Dawnguard recruit called Agmaer storm Meridia's temple and wipe out all the Draugr, including the Draugr Deathlord, which Jon kills using Dawnbreaker.
  • Oberyn Martell reveals that, some time before, he fought and defeated Syrio Forel in an attempt to woo Delphine. Delphine promptly kicked his ass.
  • Sansa has the guts of calling Joffrey out for being an idiot, and the Lannisters for being unable to defeat Robb and inventing lies to justify themselves. Sure, it might have prompted Joffrey into having her finger cut, but it is the thought that counts.
  • Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Pyat Pree take over Qarth in just a few minutes.
  • The Battle of Torrhen's Lake, where Theon leads the Sixth Legion into their first naval battle against the Ironborn, winning without losing a ship (even though they were outnumbered almost 3-to-1).
  • Farengar marching into the House of the Undying to rescue Daenerys, single-handedly defeating numerous warlocks, and then killing Raven Camoran, while Daenerys kills Pyat Pree with her Fire Shout.
  • Tywin Lannister shows that he is not out of the war yet, with a smashing victory against a Legion. Sure, it was an ambush and the Fourth Legion was not prepared, but victory through attrition is still victory, and any military historian will tell you that an ambush is a perfectly sound military tactic; some of Rome's worst military defeats involved the usage of ambushes (such as Lake Trasimene, Cannae, and Teutoburg).
    • This actually reflects rather well on the Legions, if you think about it: they're such a Badass Army that Tywin can only win by resorting to first degree trickery and catching them unprepared.
  • Arya tells Joffrey he is not the king, cripples Kingsguard Meryn Trant and slaps Joffrey so hard he stumbles. She does not face any consequence, as Tywin just has her confined like he planned to do.
  • Theon defeats the ghost of his ancestor Haknir Deathbrand, proving himself worthy of inheriting his magical scimitars. And then he and the Sixth Legion rout his sister's army, driving them out of the North completely.
  • The Sack of Astapor is even more awesome than in canon, as not only do all three of Daenerys' dragons take part, but she personally kills the lead slaver for his insults towards her.
  • Catelyn puts the Tyrells and Renly in their place when they try to manipulate William, and later rips them a verbal new one after they mock him for essentially refusing to become their puppet.
    • She gets a more subtle, but no less epic (and slightly funny) one in a flashback: when William returned to Winterfell after having taken Arya to see Fort Dawnguard, Catelyn confronts them, and drags William - a prince and the Dragonborn - away by the ear like a petulant child to face punishment (possibly a spanking)!
  • Mya Stone and a member of the Thieves Guild foil Littlefinger and Lysa's plot to frame Will for an attempt on Robin's life, making it look like a member of the Mythic Dawn was responsible for it instead.
  • Arya calling out Cersei for not knowing anything about her own son, asking her to name Will's favorite colornote , foodnote , and horsenote . Cersei gets them all wrong.
  • The Battle of King's Landing has several moments:
    • The Thieves Guild steals the city's supply of wildfire with Tyrion's help and uses it to completely destroy Joffrey's fleet while ensuring that William's forces are unscathed.
    • The Fourth Legion gets revenge for its near-annihilation at Harrenhall by ambushing a division of the Lion's Legions at the Dragon Gate and cutting them to ribbons with the help of the Third Legion, emerging from the attack with no casualties.
    • Stannis leads the Stormlanders to capture the River Gate from the front.
    • William single-handedly destroys nearly the entire Iron Fleet using the Storm Call Shout, which completely stops the fighting as everyone looks at the storm!
      • The following chapter reveals that the storm has pretty much crippled the Iron Fleet, leaving only twenty-six ships alive out of two hundred and fifty!
    • Arya then takes advantage of this to kill a guard, grab his sword and start to escape with Sansa from King's Landing.
      • The five Blades sent by William to get the girls out arrive just in time to kill yet another three Kingsguards (Meryn Trant, Mandon Moore and recently appointed Osmund Kettleblack) and fourteen Lannister soldiers, with Ser Barristan proving himself superior to the current batch by decapitating Moore, Kettleblack getting his neck broken by Renault and Arya killing one soldier with her sundered Needle.
      • Non-combat example: Renault calls Arya out for her dumbass idea of sneaking away from her bodyguards (the four that came with Ser Barristan to get them out), not only because it put the war in jeopardy, but also because she showed she had no care for her responsibilities. And Arya not only apologizes for her insult to the Blades' honor, but admits she was stupid and scared of what her future as Queen of Westeros entails, and sincerely tells Renault she will ensure she can get a far more fitting role than escorting her.
    • Unlike Stannis in the books, William fully expects the arrival of the Tyrell army, and plans accordingly, setting up a trap thanks to the unannounced arrival of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Legions to surround King's Landing, surprising Tywin again!
    • Mankar Camoran opens an Oblivion Gate in the middle of the battle. This prompts William, the Lannisters and the Tyrells to temporarily ally against the dremora coming out of the Gate. And then, William, the Blades, Garlan and Loras Tyrell and several Knights of the Reach charge into the Gate to break the connection that keeps it open.
      • Garlan, Loras and the Knights stay behind to cover William and the Blades' backs, fighting off a large group of dremora, creatures that none of them had seen before. Particularly impressive is Garlan Dual Wielding swords to destroy five Xivilai in a few seconds!
      • William vs Viserys, round two. Viserys has visibly improved in his technique, and William is dead-bone tired after his Storm Call Shout. Viserys decides to pick the Villain Ball and gloat when William is close to fainting, and William takes advantage of this: FUS RO DAH!.
      • Jaime Lannister saving the day by killing several dremora in the nick of time, and then taking the tower's Sigil Stone, thus breaking the connection that keeps the Oblivion Gate open. And when they get out, he returns into the Blades' custody, even though he could have slipped back with his father, because he made a vow.
      • Valeria Targaryen (more about her below) playing Deus ex Machina and getting all those who crossed the Gate back to the mortal realm, facing Mehrunes Dagon on equal terms.
      • The appearance of the Oblivion Gate may have broken down William's plans, but he rapidly makes another plan that will have the least casualties for the greater result: have Tullius head to the Reach with six Legions while he returns to Harrenhal with one, which begins to cause strife in the Lannister-Tyrell alliance as Joffrey demands they go after William while the Tyrells want to defend Highgarden... and, in any case, Robb is bound to be able to take Casterly Rock itself. Never had a Morton's Fork been so effective.
  • After her Heroic BSoD after discovering she could not wear the Amulet of Kings, Daenerys finds herself in the Shivering Islands, the realm of Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Sheogorath shows her that insanity runs highly in the family (presenting her Maegor, Baelor, Aegon V's brother Aerion and, finally, Aerys the Mad), wanting to break her. Even though she is highly shaken, she retains her sanity by sheer force of will.
  • Back in the House of the Undying, a mysterious lady with dragon-like eyes got Daenerys completely undetected to the room where her dragons were. In this chapter, the lady forces Sheogorath to back off and gets Daenerys to safety. She is Valeria Targaryen, a long-forgotten ancestor of Daenerys who is now the Messenger of Akatosh: not only that, but she is the one the Valyrian Freehold is named after.
  • The Battle of the Fist of the First Men. The Night's Watch and the Dawnguard are forced to fight off a large number of wights, draugr and vampires and get off quite well, with the combined efforts of Serana (who has saved Benjen Stark from Castle Volkihar's dungeons), Isran and Sam driving off Serana's father. That is, until the Night's King arrives. And then uber-villainous Crowning Moment as Alduin finally makes a move and calls the Dragon Storm Call Shout on the Fist!.


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