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  • Trixie delivering the final blow to Sombra definitely counts. Despite everything the Princesses have been through, somehow it feels even more satisfying for Trixie getting to be the one who does it, complete with Badass Boast:
    Sombra: Help me and you will be rewarded. I will put your face on banners all over my empire! OUR empirrrre. Everypony will see your face! All of the time!
    Trixie: Trixie has already had banners with her face on them. That's why Trixie was here in the first place.
    Sombra: Y-yes! Yes, but I will welcome it! I will not punish you for it, like your current princesses doooo...what do you say?
    Trixie: What does Trixie say? What does Trixie say!? Trixie says the only pony who punishes Trixie is TRIXIE!

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