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It's Robert E. Howard writing about a Witch Hunter in all black with a Cool Hat. There is no shortage of Moments of Awesome.

  • Solomon's Big Damn Heroes moment, which comes almost coupled with a Speak of the Devil moment, in The Blue Flame of Vengeance. Jack and Mary seem to be doomed at the hands of Sir George, the Fishhawk, and his pirates. However, the first mate gets uneasy and thinks he heard a scream and the thud of a falling body. The Fishhawk dismisses his worries, stating that "The trail's too long for even —" Solomon Kane!
  • N'Longa himself, mighty Juju man and witch doctor extraordinary, blood brother to Solomon, gets a Big Damn Heroes moment of his own during Hills of the Dead. He starts off by giving him the Staff of Solomon, which saves him from dark beings. Then, from a distance, N'longa possesses the body of a mighty warrior and helps Solomon fight undead foes and finally, just as Kane is about to overwhelmed, N'longa summons a storm of giant vultures that devour the undead and sets them on fire with great speed. By the end of it, Solomon (fanatical puritan who is very suspicious of Pagan magic) is having a minor breakdown by how easily N'longa used "dark magic" to such great effect against evil. N'longa drops his You No Take Candle manner of speech and drops some truth on Kane:
    N'longa: “My blood-brother,” said N'Longa, discarding his pride in his pidgin English, to drop into the river language understood by Kane, “I am so old that you would call me a liar if I told you my age. All my life I have worked magic, sitting first at the feet of mighty ju-ju men of the south and the east; then I was a slave to the Buckra and learned more. My brother, shall I span all these years in a moment and make you understand with a word, what has taken me so long to learn? I could not even make you understand how these vampires have kept their bodies from decay by drinking the lives of men. (...) I spoke to you in dreams, and I made a deep sleep come over the souls of Kran and of Zunna, and remove them to a far dim land, whence they shall soon return, unremembering. All things bow to magic, blood-brother. and beasts and birds obey the master words. I worked strong voodoo, vulture-magic, and flying people of the air gathered at my call. These things I know and am a part of, but how shall I tell you of them? Blood-brother, you are a mighty warrior, but in the ways of magic you are as a little child lost. And what has taken me long dark years to know, I may not divulge to you so you would understand. My friend, you think only of bad spirits, but were my magic always bad, should I not take this fine young body in place of my old wrinkled one and keep it? But Kran shall have his body back safely."
    • By the end of it, even fanatical puritan Solomon Kane is starting to change his mind on the so-called dark magic.