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  • When Satan takes over Corrine's baby, the entire family stands up to it, mainly Jessica, delivering an awesome speech about how they're all a family and they want their baby back. What makes it better is that it's Jessica. The naive, cheery, optimistic cuckoolander.
    • To make this more awesome, Jessica told Satan himself to get out of her family's house...and Satan obeyed.
  • Himmel was a detective hired by Ingrid to find the truth about Peter's murder. He basically harrasses both of the families. Benson doesn't stand for it and picks him up and sits him on a cake.
  • Trying to rescue Billy from a cult, Benson, Chester, Donahue and the Major are found by a guard and claim to be "Step-Brothers," a popular dance group of the 1970's. They then proceed to "audition" with a series of wild dances from Benson's soft-shoe to Chester doing the Charleston, ending with Benson punching out the guard as the studio audience applauds wildly.
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  • After Jessica's conviction and the family is commiserating at the Tate's home, Bob quips that he still thinks "the colored guy [meaning Benson] did it", which then causes Benson to take him from Chuck and drop him out of the window. He then calmly walks away as if nothing happened, but not before Danny gives him a high-five.


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