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The series

  • The show had a great moment in the first episode; in fact, within the first five minutes. Sledge, upon arriving at a scene where there's a sniper on a roof, asks if the building's been evacuated and then gets a rocket launcher and blows up the entire building. Refuge in Audacity indeed. Five minutes after that, there's another great moment where Sledge makes a criminal beat himself up.
  • Sledge taking the interrogation subject to "the Carnival". Sledge takes the guy (who is in his underwear, having been plucked from a sleazy motel) and stands him up against a giant bulls-eye, with a balloon at his hands feet, and head. Sledge then proceeds to ask questions, shooting a balloon every time the subject denies knowledge. Sledge takes tougher and tougher shots, including shooting behind his back, aiming with a mirror. For the final balloon, Sledge blindfolds himself, and comments "I always miss this shot." The punk hysterically screams the answer, and ducks as the balloon pops. Dori comments that Sledge hit the balloon. Sledge: "Yeah. I always miss that shot."
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  • In another episode, Hammer, during a "Hogan's Alley" competition against Trunk, manages to do the impossible. He attaches a barrel extension to Gun, one that Trunk assumes is a silencer. Hammer corrects him — it's a loudener, and turns his already formidable Hand Cannon into a BFG!


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