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The Executioner

  • Brenda gets a surprising number of awesome moments in the season:
    • When the Executioner tries to attack her granddaughter in her own house, she actually proves smarter than the average slasher character, and immediately suggest that Sarah and her leave this damn town. It doesn't end up helping, but still, points for effort.
    • Later, when the Executioner catches up with her and Sarah, she turns out to have a gun just in case and tries to defend herself.
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    • Then, when she does get caught by the Executioner and he is about to kill her, she actually talks back to him and calls him out for his hypocrisy of punishing people's sins by sinning himself, stating he will have to pay eventually as well.
    • And best of all, one of the ways Sarah defends herself against the Executioner in the final episode? She hits him on the head. With the urn containing Brenda's ashes. Even when dead, Brenda finds a way to be awesome.
Guilty Party


  • Dan and Angel teaming up despite their differences, escaping from the cave, catching Connor off-guard as he is disposing of the remains and successfully killing him. granted, Angel ends up dying, but still, it's rare to see characters who aren't the Final Girl actually managing to slay a Slasher movie killer.

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