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Awesome / 1600 Penn

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  • After a big, heartwarming speech in defense of Becca to the Press Corp, President Gilchrist leaves with this.
    Gilchrist: Oh yeah, we took out a terror cell. Bad guys, we left nothing but rubble.
  • "So You Don't Want To Dance Has Three" All relating to the first family standing up to Senator Throughgood
    • Emily, after taking all of Thouroughood's sexism and racism in stride to get her bill passed during the Senator's meeting with her and President Gilchrist, she finally snaps and gives the old man the verbal lashing he deserves.
    Emily:You may have power but you are a sad, mean, awful man! Your decedents will apologize for the shameful legacy that you leave behind!
    • Skip standing up for his asian date, Stacey Kim
    Throughgood: Well who's this spicy little dumpling? (talking to Skip) after a romp with her are you horny half an hour later?
    Skip:Excuse me?
    Stacey:It's okay Skip.
    Skip:No it is most certainly not okay, you show her some respect you racist bastard!
    • And finally, Emily dancing the tango with Skip, using it to prevent Thougoughgood from leaving the ball and effectively fillibustering his vote to get Emily's bill passed.