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Siren is a stealth-based survival horror game, but alongside the horror, it has its moments of epicness as well.


  • Yoriko kicking down a door, whacking Tamon's undead parents across the heads with a baseball bat, and then forcefully dragging Tamon out of there in the ending to the first game definitely qualifies.
  • For Mrs. Takato, you might think it's when she blows up a truck to give Harumi time to escape. But no, it's at the end of the game, when the town is going to hell, the principal has Harumi cornered again, and she comes to the rescue despite being a shibito herself.
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  • Dr. Miyata using the Shield Uryen to blow half a mountain of shibito off the map.
  • Kyoya Suda single-handedly defeats Jun Kajiro and Datatsushi, all while armed with either the Uryen or the Homuranagi.
  • Harumi Yomoda outwits a ton of shibito and is the only survivor.
  • Risa gets this in gameplay in her second level if the player is able to fight and defeat Mina Onda, the strongest shibito in the game, with an umbrella of all things, even without using the fire extinguisher to blind her.


Siren 2

  • In the second game, it's down to Nagai, a PFC in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, versus both of his shibito-fied former buddies AND the Otoshigo, whom he shoots, electrocutes and blows up. Too bad his prize for winning is a one-way trip to the yamibito dimension.
  • The bonus level where you play as Kyoya Suda hunting Yamirei and Yamibito.
  • Mamoru Itsuki and Ikuko Kifune both join forces in the end game and is able to defeat Mother.


New Translation / Blood Curse

  • Melissa Gale drags Bella into a car while being chased by a shibito. The shibito proceeds to go to Bella's side of the car and try to get in. Melissa's response? "Get your filthy hands off my little girl, you son of a bitch!" She proceeds to kick the door hard enough to throw the shibito several feet away, shake off the shibito when it comes back and chokes her and get the car to work through sheer force of will. Then she drives off, hitting the shibito in the process. A pity she winds up crashing due to an unexpected Maggot Shibito...
    • Bella herself gets a minor one in the same scene. After Melissa fails to get the car running the first time, the shibito tries the other side of the car and grabs Melissa's neck with one arm and strangles her. Seeing her mum in danger, Bella proceeds to take a bite out of it's hand, allowing Melissa to shake it off, activate the car, and finally run it off whilst driving off.
    • Shortly afterwards, Melissa setting both herself and the Maggot Shibito on fire to save a trapped Bella. Doubles as a massive Tearjerker, as Bella watches her mother die for her.
  • Howard defeating Kaiko. With Seigo's sword and the Uryen, he uses the blade as a vessel for the ancient power and burns the god with sword swipes against pillars of blue fire. Then he gives Kaiko the killing blow.
    "GO TO HELL!"
  • Sam shooting down a small army's worth of Spider Shibito (including Sol Jackson) in order to protect Bella.


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