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Awesome / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

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  • In the sequence where Cetus attacks Proteus's ship while Sinbad is also attacking it, one of the sailors attacking the monster is swallowed and subsequently spat out. His response on finding out he's still alive? Picks up his sword and attacks it again. Give that man a raise, indeed.
  • Kale and Sinbad are talking when one of Proteus's soldiers comes at them with a sword. Kale doesn't even break stride, he just grabs the sword in his teeth and wrenches his head back, yanking the soldier up and over the rail into the water.
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  • Pretty much any scene with a monster, but special points go to Sinbad and Marina's insane sledding escape from the Roc.
  • The encounter in Tartarus, if just for the beautifully ominous Scenery Gorn. And the scene leading up to it.
    • The way the Chimera gets past the gates of Tartarus is another one, rigging it so that the sails turn into glider wings as the ship sails off the edge of the world.
  • Marina's means of saving the crew from the Sirens and piloting the ship through the Dragon's Teeth, culminating with a Ramping Shot of Marina and her badass grin.
  • Sinbad's Crazy Awesome Indy Ploy of using the giant angler fish to speed up their journey (even if it did make everyone sick to their stomachs).
  • Eris pretty much is a walking (floating?) CMOA, with everything she says and does starting from her opening scene being awesome, but of special note are how she instigates the Frameup against Sinbad, how she uses a Batman Gambit to play both Proteus and Sinbad and then gloats about it, and especially her Armor-Piercing Question/Sadistic Choice. Even when she shows up at Syracuse is rather awesome (and not just for her Big Entrance), because if Sinbad hadn't realized his truthfulness, she probably would have succeeded in frightening or threatening him into fleeing and thus never had to keep up her end of the bargain.
    Eris: I love playing pretend.
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  • Let's be real, literally every second Eris is on screen. By god, look at the animation on her!
  • At the same time though, the way Sinbad manages to outmaneuver the goddess of chaos herself at the end is absolutely awesome, particularly since he does so by doing the one thing she thought he could never do (being a hero and giving his life for his friend). Even the musical sting makes it clear how pwned Eris is.
    Eris: You're a selfish, unprincipled LIAR!
    Sinbad: Wait a minute. I didn't lie... I came back! That's why you're here; this was all part of your test! I told the truth!
    Eris: (realizes what he's insinuating)
    Sinbad: And wasn't there something about being 'bound for all eternity'?


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