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  • How about Shade (temporarily) incapacitating a god on his own turf in Firewing?
  • Goth, anyone? He gets struck by lightning in Silverwing, lives, gets blown up in Sunwing, lives, and, manages to escape death in Firewing. Of course, Cama Zotz was helping him, but since this was only subtly implied until the third book, it is still awesome.
  • In Sunwing, Shade the bat uses echoprojection to make himself look like the Big Bad, Goth, who is also in the room, leading to everyone having to figure out which Goth is the real one. It means that he has finally mastered echoprojection, a very hard skill only a few such as him can do and has been worked on for the past two books in the series. After a while, Goth sees through his facade, cuts through the sound, and Shade reworks himself into a vulture.
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  • Also in Sunwing, once Goth is finally destroyed, his faithful assistant/lackey Voxzaco tries to finish the work Goth failed at: killing bats to make sacrifices to their god, Cama Zotz. He tosses a bomb to the ground and Shade performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save everyone by using only sound to keep it from falling, while everyone else gets outside.
  • The soricids in Darkwing Zerg Rush and kill two Hyaenodon!


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