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  • The YYGDM founders in the first few chapters get a lot of phrase from their fans is good stuff.
  • Chapter 5 gives away the Dragonball and Naruto characters making their debuts.
    • This is the moment for Kanius (formerly SSJ4Takeru), the Digimon Fusion Kai and Dragonball casts finally meet for the first time in his fanfic career.
    • The last scene shows the return of Da'ath, this time they have a legion of villains they gather to get their revenge.
  • Chapter 10 is the moment where the heroes and villains teaming up to face against Da'ath/GHQ.
  • Chapter 12 has some spades.
    • Mikasa and Armin both pilot the Gipsy Danger. Yes, they are going to fight some Kaijuus.
    • The Dragonball and Digimon Fusion Kai characters team up to fight the Time Breakers and the Shadow Dragons.
    • At the end, Canon!Shu and his friends are finally back in action.
  • Chapter 13 shows the heroes/villains unite as they charge through their destined path, fighting off GHQ/Da'ath along the way.
  • Chapter 15 shows the Dragonball battle royale against the Time Breakers/Shadow Dragons and four Bijuu battles.
  • Chapter 16 has the main group saving their allies in Wall Street. Then heading to Ward 24 II while escaping from another Bijuu, to which the main battles have just begun.
  • Chapter 19 finally features the battles in GHQ's headquarters, some examples:
    • Thor (MCU) and Loki (MCU) are about to face Loki (YYGDM) soon.
    • Brunhilde, Ryuko, and Satsuki vs Mist, Ragyo and Nui (alongside two Indominus rexes)
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    • Kirito, Sinon, Charizard X vs Death Gun
    • Skuld, Asuna, Leafa, Charizard Y, and Yui vs Oberon and Rota
    • Yusuke's Group vs Yakumo and the Chimera Ant Royal Guards
    • Sailor Moon's Group vs the Xenian Flower
  • Chapter 20
    • Valmarmon, Gamera, and Arago fuse in order to defeat Slattern is great to retain their statuses as the strongest Kaijuus.
    • The post-credit scene of this chapter has The Walking Dead cast kicking ass.
  • Chapter 21
    • Skogul gives a retort to Geirskogul of the clone's attempted assault on Ford.
    Skogul: You can't force love on someone! You have to allow them to willingly accept! Also, if you're questioning whether you're complete, why don't you ask yourself what your true purpose is! Even if you love Ford, I doubt he feels the same way about you now. You kidnapped him and tried to force yourself onto him.
  • Chapter 25
  • Chapter 26
  • Chapter 27
  • Chapter 28
  • Chapter 29
  • Chapter 31
  • Chapter 32

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