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Awesome / Seraviel's Manager

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  • Grue managing to catch Taylor while she was in shadow form. Bear in mind that she was able to infiltrate the Protectorate base, full of experienced heroes, with no one able to notice her.
  • Lisa, par for the course, IMMEDIATELY realizes what Taylor's power is, just by glancing at her.
  • Slenderman Taylor. That is all.
  • Taylor's fight with Oni Lee, which is basically an explosive grenade filled version of tag.
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  • Danny managing to get justice on Emma and Madison.
  • Taylor using her powers to make Sveta human again and basically developing a way to possibly cure all Case-53s deserves a mention.
  • Sveta being able to use her danger senses to avoid Contessa's Path to Victory.
  • Dragon using Loophole Abuse to help Sveta escape the asylum and possible capture from Cauldron.
    • Later she contacts Slenderman/Taylor and get them to help her save Canary from getting sent to the Birdcage.
  • Shadow Stalker triggering herself for the second time through sheer willpower after her powers were taken from her. The girl may be a bitch, but you have to give her props.
  • Kid Win deciding to go against orders and help T fight Lung.
    • The two of them teaming up against Lung and managing to hold him off. Battle Couple anyone?
  • After taking Lung's power, Taylor can now summon DRAGONS.
  • Taylor as Arsenal and Armsmaster double teaming Leviathan. And managing to last a considerable amount of time on their own.
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  • Scion's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Scion giving Taylor an acknowledging nod during the Leviathan fight.
  • In a meta sense, Seraviel him/herself manage to gain a moment of awesome when it came to their recent update. Absolutely no one saw Taylor being capable of harvesting the shards of dead capes coming.

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