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  • In an epic duel that lasted all of 5 seconds, Segata judo threw his opponent, and the guy exploded. TWICE.
  • His triumphant, completely unexpected return cameo in Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing Transformed. It's been 14 years since his last appearance, and not only is he still alive and clinging to the Sony rocket, and still keeping it from hitting Sega HQ, he also has his beloved Sega Saturn still clinging to his back!
  • His triumphant return in Project X Zone 2, where he uses his signature Judo throw on enemies, and then walks away when they explode. His entire debut chapter is devoted to showing how awesome he is. First there's a required fight against the player where he judo-throws and you explode, then after you beat him he's a Graceful Loser and joins the party as a support character, and finally he throws Yuri and Flynn to rescue Estelle in a special cutscene.
    • In the epilogue to the game, despite the Sega Saturn's 1990s Internet he manages to log onto The World (an extremely futuristic VR MMORPG) from .hack by virtue of sheer awesomeness, leaving Kite and Haseo astonished.
  • Segata Sanshiro reappeared in person for the March 2019 Sega Fes, as a celebration of 25 years of Sega Saturn.
  • On March 25, 2020, in celebration of Sega's 60th anniversary, Segata Sanshiro's successor was revealed: Sega Shiro, his son, portrayed by Maito Fujioka, Hiroshi's eldest son.


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